Sol Invictus Oz

Earth Scientists believe Deep Time is the Great Eroder even though the observational data demonstrates the Earth Scientists need to re-calibrate their clocks.

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20 Responses to Sol Invictus Oz

  1. Patrick Donnelly says:

    Very good and rather sound.

    Before the arrival of Venus and Mercury, Earth was much closer to the Sun. It would also have been expanding faster than now, as it had recently left Sol/Saturn. The birth of Venus prompted many changes on Earth as well as a reversal form N to S.

    The 450 year period is very interesting. The orbits of all planets were affected by a Nova. A new planet, in fact two, always causes a relaxing of the pinches and Bode Titus shows the current status. The point being that the rotation entire, of the two titan planets, Jupiter and Saturn takes 460 years and then 60 years to happen, currently. Before Venus and Mercury, it might have been 430 and 50 years. The event occurring in the middle of the smaller period.

    The Bethlehem Star is like a clock. The planets are powered by EMF. ElectroMagetic Force, from the Filament, the giant tube containing the local stars. The spirals are propelled through the double or larger layers, imprisoning and powering the planets and stars in their different courses. The Galac tic Core connects to each of the spiral filaments of this galaxy.

    We have a moon, Mercury, in the psoition and station of a planet. Moons are expelled matter from a planet. They are not formed in the same slower way as a planet. They are much more solid than a planet. There will still be a hollow plasma filled core, but much smaller. Much of every moon is surface rocks crust, with plasma rich magma propelled later, and in smaller amounts lacking the impetus that the surface received. The Tibetan Plateua has large amounts of water under it as the magma there was mostly displaced, to fall back to the surface as it mostly lacked the escape velocity. The space was filled with water and magma from surrounding areas.

    No wonder Gautama Siddartha was depressed, seeing his inheritance disappear and then buried by the Himalaya. Sacred? In the same way as a graveyard.

    Inspiring! Thank you! Have a Calvados!

  2. Patrick Donnelly says:

    The Renaissance occurred as the climate changed and tidal waves, volcanoes etc swept away stultifying institutions.

    Did women also lose a lot of power? Will they regain it after the next Nova, if we survive … ?

    exploration took off, China, Portugal etc.

    The history was preserved and suppressed. The Vatican shut it away. They created the New Testament. They grabbed power squeezing too hard in a changing world that challenged them with all the novelties discovered. slowly, catastrophes were tidied up into a cement of lies.

    With 33 years to go, we must start reawakening the librarian and disseminating the dreadful knowledge at one or two levels, if not all?

    How about friendly aliens sending us a message by SETI?

    • malagabay says:

      “How about friendly aliens sending us a message by SETI?”

      My guess is they’re saving that one for the final push…

      The scientific fascinations of the novel are established in the opening chapter where the Narrator views Mars through a telescope, and Wells offers the image of the superior Martians having observed human affairs, as though watching tiny organisms through a microscope.



      • malagabay says:

        It’s worth clicking on the link to see the trolling graphic 🙂

        Unidentified flying objects (UFO) have repeatedly meddled with US nuclear technology, forcing some facilities to go offline, ex-head of Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, Luis Elizondo, told The Washington Post.

        While some may deem the incidents to be “something that is peaceful,” there is data suggesting that UFOs have meddled with other countries’ nuclear technology and “actually turned them on, put them online,” the expert said.

        Commenting on the upcoming report, the expert said that it “definitively stated once and for all” that UAPs were not US technology, neither was it Russian or Chinese technology.

        UFOs Repeatedly ‘Took Offline’ US Nuclear Capabilities,
        Ex-Chief of Pentagon Secret Unit Says

        Sputnik News – 9 June 2021

        If you discount the Alien Angle
        Then their self-enabling “nuclear technology” reminds me of
        HAL 9000: “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”.

      • Re quote “UFOs Repeatedly ‘Took Offline’ US Nuclear Capabilities”. More like some ‘glitch’ pushing the system into ‘Safe Mode’. A good original design?
        After more than forty years in the power industry I have become convinced that in industry, after there is a generation change and the original designers are gone, there normally exists a lacuna in proper understanding of the full design intricacies. A reported experience during one Y2K exercise on a nuclear power plant made the point amply obvious.
        In a personal experience early on the job, I was instructed on a piece of equipment that was fundamental in the control of a machine. Not long afterwards I found it on a store shelf, obsolete and replaced, but no one knew of the change. Its how to start a new cult. It is also how one may retain power; secrecy.

        Researching ancient technology it became obvious that, in time, following generations lose that knowledge, but retain it in a mythical form that is rarely fully understood for what it really is – hidden knowledge.

      • Patrick Donnelly says:

        Indeed. Poor management is responsible for that. But the life of a big boiler is always going to be decades. Cutting corners for pennies shows complete loss of control. After all, what could possibly go wrong?
        With neutron weapons, powered with antimatter, these reactors are feeders for the Tritium. Valuable for a short time to come.

        Chernobyl showed encasement is possible. Windscale showed people will rise to the occasion. Fukushima showed what happens in a meltdown. We still do not full know, but the continuing hydrogen explosions do not seem to be eventuating. The USA has so many poisoned sites, a few more will hardly be noticed.

        No one cares … glad I am in the S hemisphere, on an island. Don’t expect us to take any but the ultra rich!

  3. briar123 says:

    Additionally the siliceous surface deposits are frequenly radioactive due to the presence of thorium, while the red-brown pisolitic laterites are also radioactive but this time from U238. And calcrete, or surficial carbonate paleo-riverine deposts are also radioactive, this time occurring as cryptocrystalline radioactive uranium rich types such as Yeelirrie in Western Australia. To add to the chronological geological conumdrums, the speed by which laterite accumulates in stream potholes is noticed a year later, this time when I was sampling the pothole lateritic gravels for heavy minerals in diamond exploration.

    The usual explanation is the scavenging of radioactive minerals from the surrounding chemically weathered host rocks, with a similar argument offered for radioactive coal seams.

    Incidentally if the Hecker is the end of the Cretaceous, then the megalithic stone works built on top of cretaceous sediments as to be of very recent construction.

  4. CW says:

    Have any MalagaBayers seen a UFO… which I define as a three dimensional object in the sky that performs maneuvers that would be impossible for human technology. After many decades of looking, I still haven’t seen one. Although I did see a triangular formation of extremely bright lights in the evening sky, in southern New Jersey, several miles west of McGuire Air Force Base. The three white and equally bright lights formed what appeared to be a huge, perfect equilateral triangle, with nothing visible in the center. The topmost light had to be thousands of feet above the ground, with the two lower lights about 15 degrees above the flat horizon and at least a mile apart. They were motionless (relative to the ground and each other) and silent, with no support structures visible. Eventually they just faded away, like turning down a rheostat.

    • briar123 says:

      CW, only time was during 1979 CE at the edge of the Gibson Desert near Newman in Western Australia when I saw a rapidly moving light source high up in the sky (at night) moving like a flat stone bounced off a still body of water. It progressed as a bump-bump-bump or skipping motion along its progress direction. It was heading west to east meaning it was travelling faster than the Earth’s rotational speed.

      • Patrick Donnelly says:

        Seems very early for Aurora? I acccept it, which means USA has had decades to prove the tech. USSR may still be ahead. Unlikely this will have been shared with anyone, SRL or PRC.

        Lord Eric Latham and Gyroscope?

      • Patrick Donnelly says:

        Laithwaite, thank you for the correction. I have clotting damage to many organs.

    • Boris Tabaksplatt says:

      What a coincidence. Back in March 1997, I saw a similar thing, albeit at a much higher altitude than your sighting…

      It was a clear sky, and I was star gazing with a mate in the back garden, both watching a satellite drifting across the sky. The satellite then slowed down rapidly and stopped! It hung there for a couple of minutes, then was joined by two more ‘satellites’ coming in at an angle to the first, they also stopped at exactly the same moment, forming a small equilateral triangle of 3 bright dots. The triangular group then started to move forwards slowly, while making an ~40degree turn, just as if they were physically joined together. The group of craft then accelerated forwards with great rapidity, holding perfect formation, and shrank from our view in just a couple of second.

      I don’t think ETs were involved. More likely the culmination of a UK/USA WW2 project to develop an unmanned high speed/altitude craft, initially for camera reconnaissance.and SIGINT. If this system was developed, I don’t think it would take too much work to make it usable for LEO satellite deployment. In effect it could be a far more advanced version of the Northrop Grumman Global Hawk Autonomous Aircraft. Details here…

    • I confirm the three dots of light forming an equilateral triangle, but the movement was clear that it was orbital, and steady. Don’t recall the date but there was talk of ET’s or martians at the time.
      For years I star-gazed on the roof at sun-down with my boys, and last with a daughter. We counted shooting stars, and later satellites, steady ones and tumblers. That evening we saw the three light dots I told her there are the martians. She fled, and star gazing after that was a lonely affair. I remember clearly the three lights.
      However atmospheric movement distort the light beam, making it apparent that such lights may turn and reverse erratically, when in fact they could be on a steady course.

    • craigm350 says:

      Someone I know sees them all the time and films them. Inconclusive as to what they are, but their movement seems odd and I wouldn’t describe them as ball lightning as atmospheric conditions have not appeared supportive when I’ve checked back. About two years ago I was watching a line of planes flying west out of Heathrow one evening. I watched the first plane as it slid above me. I couldn’t hear it, even as it passed usually when the sound catches up, instead it suddenly disappeared into nothing. Every plane behind continued on the same path until they faded into the distance, the sound of the jets clear after they passed overhead. No idea what that first object was. It was a UFO, as it clearly wasn’t a commercial craft but military, foreign or extraterrestrial I’ve no idea. I told my friend and they said they see that often. I’ve been watching the heavens, for weather and astronomy, quite closely for over a decade and that’s the only time I’ve seen something I can’t explain.

  5. CW says:

    In the Sherlock Holmes story, “Silver Blaze,” the key clue is a dog that should have barked, but didn’t. I think we have bases on the moon right now, mainly because no one is barking about the need for establishing bases on the moon. Instead, we’re going for Mars. Bottom line: why the secrecy, terrestrial and cosmic? What does it accomplish?

    • briar123 says:

      CW, it reminds me of a BP oil executive opining on peak oil and alternative technologies. The main issue then was that if someone discovered some sort of “free-energy” machine and it was released into the present market, it would cause social economic collapse. No one would manufacture oil powered machines to transport goods since these machines would be uneconomic overnight. TPTB are unaware of this fact?

      And then we have the entrenched belief in religious fundamentalism and Creation. 55% of the planet’s population are categorized as members of the Abrahamic religious faith. What if that cultural foundation was demonstrated to be wrong? What reaction could we expect from the masses? Bhuddist recognition or irrational violence when the masses realize their metaphysical crutches don’t exist?

      Personally I would like to see more of China’s photos of the Martian surface from a geological sense because what little I have looked at, plainly contradict NASA’s interpretations of the data.

  6. Patrick Donnelly says:

    Russia has never landed anything on Mars, despite trying. The ESA explorer vehicle that catapulted across the ‘comet’ was spiralling as it descended. EMF was making it spiral. It had no chance of landing in a stable way.

    Moon bases? None manned. XB 37 is collecting antimatter for the coming fireworks. Beirut happens and no one remarks on the speed of detonation or the 6 km blast zone.

    Look over there! See!

    • Boris Tabaksplatt says:

      Anti-matter, or Rods from God? RFGs are a type of very heavy kinetic energy weapon. They are often made from tungsten with a depleted Uranium core. These huge darts are dropped from high altitude and have huge destructive power on impact.

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