Halfway Horizon

Serendipity introduces a mainstream chronolgy that looks sensible.

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2 Responses to Halfway Horizon

  1. Patrick Donnelly says:

    The depiction of Sol Invictus creating a torrid and rigid zone may need revision?

    Earth had daylight and darkness. That was new, after leaving Eden/Aten/TN. The earth was rotating, much as it does now. But it occupied the orbit now occupied by Mercury. Bode Titus applies. Even with the tropical wobble, there would be a torrid and a frigid zone. The fall off in light and heat, from 90 degrees to the ground, to that felt at 60 degrees etc explains the zones and yes, there were two sets, N and S.

    Enter Venus and a mishap with the moon and we spin out two orbital locations, to 3rd rock from the Sun. We still spin. probably faster, but the year is definitely longer, even if we now move faster around the Sun.

    So two major catastrophes and then the business with Apollo and Mars, identified by you as creating Halley’s Comet. New planets and discharges between them will recur. The Timing is crucial as you clearly know.

  2. Patrick Donnelly says:

    Seasons are misaligned?

    +++ M-B Edit +++


    Byzantine mosaic of a Zodiac Wheel — from the 6th century ancient Beth Alpha synagogue.
    Located near Beit Alfa kibbitz, in northern Israel.


    Mosaic in the Beth Alpha synagogue, with the Sun in the centre, surrounded by the twelve zodiac constellations and with the four seasons associated inaccurately with the constellations


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