Ravenna Roots

Although the Arab Dynasties chronology looks sensible this doesn’t automatically guarantee the associated narratives are sensible or truthful.

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2 Responses to Ravenna Roots

  1. Patrick Donnelly says:

    Christianity places the Christ at the centre, as the name suggests, but curiously does not say much about what is the Christ. Krishna? The Fire of God, Agnus Dei? Acknowledgement of catastrophe.

    Where does my namesake, Patrick fit into this? Dating this myth is not easy. Ireland, Scotland then Europe? Converted to what? Constantine was impressed by a cross in the sky, the Christ. Snakes, ie Pythagoras, superceded by three in one? EMF? Why the extreme west of Europe?

  2. Patrick Donnelly says:

    SAN Skrit is Holy writing, holy script ure. Spoken? Maybe not.

    The Brahmin, intellectual specialists, in at least 12 divisions, needed accuracy and a very wide vocabulary for all their concepts, some of which were common across specialities. The other castes, not so much.

    Currently we seem dominated by the merchants, in alliance with the brahmins of metals acting as bankers. Promoting ignorance as both defence and protection of investments made. Time for a reset. The next catastrophe will certainly provide that.

    Are they leaving the preparation of the multitudes, who have been so productive, a tad late? Structures away from the riskiets places, food storages, seeds, tools etc in deposits throughout every nation?

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