Mother Nature’s Greatest Enemy

Dominic Frisby reveals Mother Nature’s Greatest Enemy…

Money, Markets & More with Dominic Frisby

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00:00 today we ask is bitcoin
00:03 an environmental disaster
00:06 in 1914 to print the money that they
00:08 needed for the first world war the
00:10 british french and german governments
00:12 all took their countries off the gold
00:14 standard
00:15 what followed was one of the most deadly
00:16 wars in history 40 million people lost
00:18 their lives
00:19 another 20 to 100 million died from the
00:22 spanish flu that followed
00:23 believed to have originated in the
00:25 trenches the environmental damage from
00:27 the war
00:28 the pollution the waste the destruction
00:30 are all verging on
00:31 unquantifiable one consequence of the
00:34 first world war was the second and that
00:36 war took 75 million lives
00:38 with greater and more wide-reaching
00:41 environmental destruction
00:43 nothing like the same level of
00:45 destruction would have been possible
00:47 with the discipline imposed by gold
00:49 neither britain france nor germany had
00:52 the gold to pay for world war one
00:54 to go on for the extent that it did the
00:56 war really would have been over by
00:57 christmas
00:58 because the gold would have run out fiat
01:01 money
01:02 made world war one possible from the
01:05 napoleonic war when the uk abandons the
01:07 gold standard to the war in vietnam
01:09 which the u.s took itself off the gold
01:11 standard for in 1971 to print
01:14 the money to pay for it fiat money is a
01:18 force
01:18 for war no other human activity
01:22 causes as much environmental destruction
01:25 as a war
01:26 nothing even comes close as weaponry
01:29 evolves its capability
01:30 so do the environmental consequences a
01:33 nuclear bomb causes considerably more
01:35 damage than a sword
01:37 nothing consumes fossil fuel
01:40 like war and the u.s military’s fuel
01:42 consumption keeps growing
01:44 in world war ii the us armed forces used
01:47 about one gallon of fuel per soldier
01:49 every day
01:50 in desert storm fuel usage was about
01:52 four gallons
01:53 by 2007 with operations in iraq in
01:56 afghanistan usage was about 16 gallons
01:59 jet fuel is the biggest offender
02:01 accounting for about 71
02:03 of military petroleum consumption
02:05 fighter jets typically get about
02:08 half a mile per gallon and tanks a
02:10 little better the m1 abrahams the um
02:13 abrams the main battle tank of the us
02:15 army gets about 6.6 miles per gallon
02:18 an armored division can use as much as
02:21 600 000 gallons of fuel a day
02:25 that’s an astonishing amount no surprise
02:28 to learn that the us department of
02:29 defense
02:30 is the single largest consumer of fossil
02:32 fuel in the world
02:34 the us army has not gone green and
02:37 neither has china’s
02:39 all that fuel is burned in war to
02:42 destroy
02:43 not to create when was the last time the
02:45 u.s was invaded
02:46 1815 is the answer now
02:50 i’ve focused on its wars there’s also
02:52 the mammoth environmental damage caused
02:54 by government
02:55 waste and the unintended consequences of
02:58 its misguided spending
03:00 the environmental disaster is not
03:02 bitcoin
03:04 it is big government when a government
03:07 has the power to issue money
03:08 at no cost to itself its power
03:12 within a society is disproportionate
03:15 permit me to issue and control the money
03:17 of a nation
03:18 and i care not who makes its laws is the
03:21 famous quote attributed to um
03:24 mayor amschel ross child so how do we
03:27 limit
03:28 what a government is capable of and it’s
03:30 all very well saying we have democracy
03:32 we have the ballot box and if we don’t
03:33 like what a government is doing we can
03:35 vote them out
03:36 it doesn’t work the military-industrial
03:38 complex
03:39 remains the same the civil service
03:41 remains the same the contractual
03:43 obligations
03:44 remain the same in 2003
03:47 36 million people 36 million
03:50 marched in protest against the war in
03:52 iraq before it had even started in the
03:54 biggest
03:54 global peace process protest ever seen
03:57 bush and blair ignored them
03:59 and went to war anyway under false
04:01 pretenses
04:02 as it turned out protests change nothing
04:05 voting changes nothing now there’s an
04:08 old saying amongst big bitcoiners
04:10 bitcoin fixes this peter thiel
04:14 famously noted in 2008 that politics
04:17 is not the way to achieve political
04:20 change
04:20 the mode for escape must involve some
04:23 sort of new
04:24 and hitherto untried process that leads
04:27 us
04:27 to some undiscovered country he said
04:30 bitcoin
04:31 is that escape in that same year as
04:34 governments turned to the digital
04:35 printing press to bail out a broken
04:37 system
04:38 bitcoin was first announced a
04:40 decentralized
04:42 transparent open source apolitical
04:46 voluntary borderless system of money
04:49 for the borderless medium that is the
04:51 internet governments can’t print or
04:53 debase it
04:54 it is your mode of escape from fiat
04:58 the more people that use bitcoin to
04:59 store their wealth and to trade
05:01 the more the government monopoly of
05:03 money is eroded
05:05 either bitcoin will eventually replace
05:07 fiat or the competition it provides
05:09 will enforce greater standards on fiat
05:12 thereby limiting government capacity to
05:15 cause
05:15 environmental harm let us embrace
05:18 bitcoin
05:19 for the environmental disaster it has
05:23 the capacity to avert thank you very
05:26 much for watching i’ll be back with
05:27 another video very soon
05:28 in the meantime cheerio and please
05:30 subscribe to my channel

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2 Responses to Mother Nature’s Greatest Enemy

  1. CW says:

    Thank you, Mr. Frisby. Interesting point of view. btw, the last time mainland USA was invaded by a foreign military force was not 1815. It was March,1916. A Mexican force commanded by Pancho Villa attacked the town of Columbus, New Mexico, killing 19 and wounding 10.

  2. malagabay says:

    Francisco “Pancho” Villa (born José Doroteo Arango Arámbula, 1878-1923) was initially a bandit during the rule of Porfirio Díaz, who became a Mexican revolutionary general.

    Villa subsequently led a raid against a small US-Mexican border town resulting in the Battle of Columbus on 9 March 1916, and retreated to escape U.S. retaliation. The U.S. government sent U.S. Army General John J. Pershing on an expedition to capture him, but Villa continued to evade his attackers with guerrilla tactics during the unsuccessful nine-month incursion into Mexican sovereign territory. The mission ended when the United States entered World War I and Pershing was recalled to other duties.

    Wikipedia – Pancho Villa

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