You call THAT a pandemic

Australia has lost it sense of humour and the Melbourne Penal Colony [formerly known as the State of Victoria] has completely lost it’s marbles.

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  1. Patrick Donnelly says:

    Oz is supposedly vaccinating us but it is one of the slowest rollouts in the world, not a bad thing!

    We have studied bats extensively. Lyssa and Hendra viruses are just two of the publicised delicacies found here. An Aussie researcher was in Canada… which has a strong connection to Wuhan.

    These two may be connected…. Queensland is bio centre and had a candidate vaccination, but it triggered HIV. We now know it declines over time and another test can clear it. Tests are apparently completely trustworthy … aren’t they?

    Meantime, we seem to be bleeding off the talent from Hollywood as film making continues here, in NSW and Queensland. Victoria has interesting types of corruption. What it would gain by having medical procedures that differ from the other states is beyond me. Kickbacks for testing kits? Mass unemployment is not a great advert and people are selling up prematurely, and retiring to Queensland. Young families are following, given the lifestyle and climate and current lack of cases here. Property prices are still serious business in Oz and they are being affected by these responses.

    It seems clear that the virus if it exists, has yet to be isolated. It seems as dangerous as the common cold. Solar power is strong in Australia. Our latitudes are very low, compared to the rest of the 1st world. More UV. Victoria is less cold than Tasmania.

    A puzzle but a small one given the disruption of this new age of Obscurantism?

    • malagabay says:

      ”Victoria is less cold than Tasmania”

      On a per capita basis the “pandemic” is 5 times more deadly in Victoria than Tasmania.

      It’s not deadly enough to land anyone in hospital in either of these states.

      I guess that will change when they roll out their small pricks.

  2. malagabay says:

    The chief health officer of New South Wales gave a press conference telling Australians that they shouldn’t “engage in conversation with each other,” even if they’re wearing masks, in order to reduce the transmission of COVID.

    Alice Springs, a town in Australia 800 miles away from the nearest city went into full lockdown last month after just a single new case of COVID-19 was detected.

    Zero Hedge – Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News – 20 July 2021

  3. javrix says:

    Hello Tim, I am about to begin sharing your research on Twitter. I’m part of a community there which may be very interested in a number of the topics you explore. I wanted to ask you though if you would like proper attribution or if you’d prefer me not to mention this site as this may bring much more traffic here than you’re used to.

  4. malagabay says:

    On Thursday, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia’s two largest cities, enacted yet another lockdown.

    This will be Melbourne’s fifth lockdown in the span of a year and a half.

    Every country that has embraced the radical notion of Zero COVID has ended up failing to contain a virus and/or failing to accept that the costs of attempting to contain a virus have been exponentially worse than the benefits of containing the virus.

    The promised “cures” have been infinitely worse than the disease.

    There are no longer any “success stories” involving nations using tyrannical means in an attempt to stop a virus.

    Zero COVID, as any rational person could have predicted a long time ago, has failed in spectacular fashion.

    ‘Zero COVID’ catastrophe: participating nations see new records across the board
    Jordan Schachtel – The Dossier –

  5. malagabay says:

    Peter McCullough “An Agonizing Situation”
    Stew Peters Show – 21 July 2021

  6. Boris Tabaksplatt says:

    .It would be helpful if our medical profession understood what bacteria and viruses really are, and their role in mammalian physiology. Here’s an estimate of the number of entities which make up the human biome…

    “According to some expert experts, there are ~40 trillion bacteria in the typical human body, and as many as 400 trillion viruses. Inside you. On your skin, in your blood, all through you including incorporated into your DNA. Right now. Bunches of em. Doing stuff.

    There are ~30 trillion cells in the human body, so there are more bacteria and 10 times as many viruses as there are cells. In effect, you are a bag of viruses and bacteria. Your virome and microbiome are more you than you are, in some respects.”

    This information is acknowledged by the medical profession, but ignored when it comes to treating so-called illnesses. I wonder how much damage is being done by acceptance of current medical practises and blind faith in the concoctions of the big pharma companies?

  7. malagabay says:

    Gladys Berejiklian has ‘lost control of reality’: Alan Jones
    Sky News Australia – 22 July 2021

    Gladys Berejiklian (born 22 September 1970) is an Australian politician serving as the 45th and current Premier of New South Wales and the Leader of the New South Wales Liberal Party, offices which she assumed on 23 January 2017 following the resignation of Mike Baird. She has been a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly since 2003, representing the seat of Willoughby.

    Bradley Ronald Hazzard (born 30 August 1951), an Australian politician, is the New South Wales Minister for Health and Medical Research since January 2017 in the Berejiklian government.

    Kerry Gai Chant, PSM, is a public health physician who is the chief health officer of New South Wales, Australia since 2008.

  8. malagabay says:

    Surprise! Surprise!

    The punishments will continue until morale improves vaccinations reach “an acceptable level”.

    Victoria’s fifth lockdown will ‘decimate’ small businesses already struggling
    Sky News Australia – 22 July 2021

    until the vaccination rate
    is up to an acceptable level

    until a vaccination rollout has occurred
    and we get to an acceptable level that
    will give people confidence and that
    will also stop the lockdowns

  9. Yry says:

    A remarkable 2016 document by a frenchman outlining the dark objectives
    of the western cabal(s). Aussies should be interested in the 6th paragraph…


    How Come Washington’s Humanitarian Concerns Always Result in Population Control?

    11.11.2016 Author: Jean Perier – Column: Society Region: USA in the World
    NEO ref: 342341232131

    Alleged humanitarian efforts have always been a rather important aspect of the state propaganda campaign carried out by the White House and its media. We’ve seen Washington using its proxy NGOs to fight against the alleged “humanitarian crimes” of the Syrian government, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and other states that Washington has declared its enemies.
    This large-scale campaign that is said to be driven by “common human values” has been supported by a number of modern American oligarchs.

    Among those “humanitarian champions” one may find the founder of Microsoft and one of the richest businessmen in the world, Bill Gates. He is a figure who likes to be presented as a benevolent philanthropist of sorts. By using the so-called “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,” this American oligarch attempts to put on the mask of the official representative of the US political elite, carrying on the fight against poverty, food shortages and diseases in Africa and other poor regions of the world.

    However, in reality these “activities” of Bill Gates and the White House are focused on the use of progress to reverse the effect of humanitarian projects, namely to reduce the population of the planet, or, in other words – to pursue eugenics.

    This statement is confirmed by Gates’ remarks to the invitation-only Long Beach, California TED2010 Conference, in a speech titled, “Innovating to Zero!” Along with the scientifically absurd proposition of reducing manmade CO2 emissions worldwide to zero by 2050, approximately four and a half minutes into the talk, Gates declares, “First we got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” (emphasis added).

    Thus, one of the most powerful men in the world has openly declared that he expects vaccines to reduce the world population. Mind you, that when Bill Gates speaks about vaccines, he knows what he is talking about. In January 2010 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Gates announced that over the next decade his foundation would allocate 10 billion dollars to develop and deliver new vaccines to developing countries.

    We’ve heard this position regarding the control of the world population through the “reduction of the number of third-world inhabitants” before.
    Australian microbiologist and Nobel Price laureate Macfarlane Burnet in 1947 urged the Australian government to develop and unleash biological weapons against “over-populated countries of Southeast Asia.” In particular, during a closed meeting in 1947 with The New Weapons and Equipment Development Committee, the microbiologist recommended the creation of a group with a mandate to create secret biological weapon components that could affect food in such a way that it would allow Canberra to control the population of Indonesia and other Asian countries.

    A similar objective was pursued by a secret program codenamed Project Coast, during which US intelligence agencies started testing such viruses as Ebola and Marburg fevers on South Africa’s black population. The US Centers for Disease Control was delivering those viruses from its secret laboratories to Africa in a bid to create biological and chemical weapons, which were aimed at sterilizing and even exterminating the black population of this African country, while at the same time, murdering political opponents of the apartheid.

    Today, in the age of high-tech novelties, Bill Gates has pioneered the electronic direction of eugenics, offering to implant the “undesired” part of the population with an electronic chip that would deprive women of reproductive capacity for a total of 16 years.

    However, this is hardly the whole truth about the “humanitarian concerns” of the White House and its “humanitarian patrons”, who, under the guise of fighting for the greater good, continue searching out ways to control the population of the planet, using both the advances of modern science and armed conflicts, like those that we’ve witnessed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other countries.

  10. malagabay says:

    Daniel Andrews admits he was wrong with Wangaratta COVID wastewater detection results

    The Border Mail – David Johnston – 7 August 2021

    Australians are airing their grievances with Victoria Premier Dan Andrews after he admitted he cited non-existent coronavirus-tainted sewage in his decision to lock down the state.

    RT – 8 August 2021

    Australians just found out the reasoning for their archaic-style lockdowns is worse than they thought. The ugly truth came to light this week when Victoria Premier Dan Andrews admitted that he cited “non-existent coronavirus-tainted sewage” in his reasoning to lock down the state, RT reported. In other words, Andrews faked that Covid was being carried in poop to justify a lockdown.

    Zero Hedge – Tyler Durden – 9 August 2021

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