Some Animals

Katie Hopkins returns with some shocking news.

MPs cosily agree to SWERVE the vaccine passport
Katie Hopkins 22 July 2021

+ + + Machine Transcript + + +
00:00 i need to ask you a favor i need you to
00:03 watch
00:03 this next video clip it’s not of me
00:06 it’s mark harper in the house of commons
00:10 now bear in mind that this week the
00:11 british government have said
00:13 that vaccine passports will be mandatory
00:15 for all sorts of things
00:16 they’re starting off with clubs but it’s
00:18 also going to be sporting events it’s
00:20 going to be large venues events it’ll be
00:22 festivals
00:23 it’s going to be places of religious
00:25 worship they’ve said not supermarkets
00:27 yet
00:27 thanks for that listen to mark harper
00:31 he’s in the house of commons and he’s
00:33 saying it’s not
00:34 reasonable it would be outrageous to
00:36 expect
00:37 mps to have a vaccine passport

00:41 listen to his words as well he says the
00:44 vaccine
00:44 passport and the vaccine is a medical
00:48 procedure
00:48 that it would be outrageous to expect
00:51 mps to have this medical procedure
00:53 so why is it that employers are writing
00:56 to people up and down the country right
00:57 now saying if you don’t have the vaccine
01:00 you’ve got 12 weeks and you’re going to
01:01 be out of a job
01:03 why is it rules for thee but not for me
01:06 and i wonder shouldn’t we have full
01:08 disclosure of just how many
01:10 of these mps who are foisting this
01:12 vaccine on the rest of us
01:14 how many have had it for themselves and
01:17 if not
01:18 why not please take two minutes of your
01:20 time
01:21 to watch what is going on in the house
01:24 of commons and how
01:25 mps don’t plan to have to have the
01:28 vaccine passport
01:30 for themselves
01:33 to order mr speaker on which i have
01:35 given you notice and i’ve also notified
01:38 the
01:38 leader of the house of commons you’ll be
01:40 aware yesterday a statement was made at
01:42 the dispatch box by the parliamentary
01:44 under secretary of the department for
01:46 health and social care
01:47 about vaccine passports and there’s a
01:49 relevant piece mr
01:50 speaker which potentially pertains to
01:53 the house of commons he said
01:54 by the end of september everyone aged 18
01:56 and over will have had the chance to
01:58 receive full vaccination
02:00 and the additional two weeks for that
02:01 protection to take hold
02:03 so at that point we plan to make full
02:05 vaccination a condition of entry
02:07 to nightclubs and other venues where
02:10 large
02:11 crowds gather proof of a negative test
02:14 will no longer be sufficient now it
02:15 seems to me
02:16 mr speaker particularly on a wednesday
02:19 when we get back to normal that
02:21 definition
02:22 could equally apply to this house of
02:24 commons it would be outrageous
02:27 if the executive were to attempt to
02:30 prevent any member of parliament
02:31 attending this house
02:33 to represent our constituents without
02:35 first
02:36 undergoing a medical procedure
02:39 now mr speaker i raised it with you
02:40 because i hope you’ll be able to make a
02:42 ruling on this matter and in closing i
02:43 would just note that
02:45 your 17th century predecessor speaker
02:47 lenthal
02:48 stood up very effectively against an
02:51 over mighty executive
02:52 and didn’t end well for the over mighty
02:55 executive
02:57 yeah it did lead to the end of the
03:01 monarchy as well i might have for a
03:02 short period
03:03 so let’s hope we’re not quite going back
03:06 that far
03:07 what i would say is i’m very grateful
03:09 for the honourable member giving me
03:10 notice
03:10 and i’ve had no indication that
03:12 government considers the policy
03:14 is mentioned should apply to this house
03:16 what i would say
03:17 speaker of this house there is nothing
03:20 to stop a member coming into here
03:22 you have the right to come to this house
03:25 unless this house otherwise
03:27 says so and i’ve got to say the
03:30 government’s not been in touch i don’t
03:32 expect them to be in touch
03:33 because as far as i’m concerned it
03:35 doesn’t apply to members

Members is the right word.

Animal Farm is a satirical allegorical novella by George Orwell, first published in England on 17 August 1945.

The Seven Commandments are abridged to just one phrase:

“All animals are equal,
but some animals are more equal than others.”

Wikipedia – Animal Farm

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8 Responses to Some Animals

  1. Patrick Donnelly says:

    This is a massive shadow play.

    It is a distraction from the great theft. The financial system is collapsed since before 9/11. 0% interest rates and feeding $$$ to speculators is continuing. Inflation is finally rising. The rest of us are getting poorer.

    KH is a mouth for various interests. Parliament in the UK is as corrupt as the rest of them. Or worse.

    Manipulation of emotions is exactly what is behind everything this woman does. She is just another actor.

    • malagabay says:

      “She is just another actor”

      I’ve heard it said: All the world’s a stage

    • Boris Tabaksplatt says:

      Your right, she seems a bit fishy to me and I suspect she is just another spook from 77th Brigade and part of the controlled opposition. A few red flags in her bio…

      Full name is Katie Olivia Hopkins. Her mother, nee Anona C. O. Crowle, worked as a banker, and father, Roy Hopkins, as an Electronics Designer at RM Instow.

      From the age of 3 to 16, she attended the private Stella Maris Catholic Convent school in Bideford, Devon, then went on to study economics at the University of Exeter. with sponsorship from the British Army’s Intelligence Corps.

      She completed her military training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, but suffered an epileptic seizure during the final passing-out ceremony, and as a result was unable to take up her commission.

      + + + The remainder of this comment
      has been removed by Malaga Bay + + +

  2. Boris Tabaksplatt says:

    Mean-while, the government of Israel has quietly dropped their vaxx passport scheme (from 1st June). Apparently, large numbers boycotted events where passports were required, and many smaller venue owners refused to check passports at the gate. A good example of people power.

    Should BoJo be crazy enough to decide to try a similar scheme here in England, I’m sure the British people will follow in Israel’s footsteps.and tell him in no uncertain terms to shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  3. malagabay says:

    Christopher Steele, the ex-MI6 spy, is involved in the ‘parent’ organisation called Independent SAGE – a collective that regularly criticizes the UK government for not introducing tougher measures to achieve ‘Zero Covid.’

    On July 17, The Daily Telegraph brought to public attention that Independent SAGE, the highly controversial scientist collective advocating for excessively harsh coronavirus restrictions, was the creation of The Citizens, a shadowy campaign organization led by Guardian journalist Carole Cadwalladr.

    Steele’s dodgy dossier gripped journalists’ attention the world over and drove news coverage for months before its exposure as flagrant nonsense.

    How long it’ll take before Independent SAGE’s dubious prognoses and baseless hysteria is similarly laid bare is anyone’s guess.

    Why is disgraced MI6 author of the dodgy Trump-Russia dossier involved in a controversial group seeking harsh Covid restrictions?
    RT – Kit Klarenberg – 24 July 2021

    • Boris Tabaksplatt says:

      Carole Cadwalladr has been totally wrong on many occasions and has been forced to apologise in print numerous times. She has also had to apologise and stump up £62,000 in damages for the lies she told about the Brexit campaign. Her far left stance on many issues is obvious, as is her longing for a return to the EU.

      With Cadwalladr and other left-wing apologists ranting on the BBC and other news outlets, perhaps no wonder the UK electorate don’t want the return of a Labour government. In fact she is doing such a good job in this respect, I wonder if she might be a Trojan horse actually working for the Tories?

  4. malagabay says:

    We are in a version of an abusive relationship with our leaders
    Neil Oliver
    GBNews – 24 July 2021

    “The trust is gone – and when trust goes it never really comes back”

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