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Green by Name – Green by Nature

Malaga Bay is always proud to salute scientific genius.

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Sardis 3: Temple of Cybele

Has the whimsical artistry of Renaissance sculptors shaped amcient history?

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Sardis 2: Coin Chronology

Roman Chronology is cracked wide open when the Late Roman Emperors are put in their place.

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Sardis 1: Identity Crisis

The Sardis site reveals [amongst other things] the Cult of the Emperor is just another academic abomination.

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A Sense of Perspective

Can a lack of perspective turn mere mortals into monsters?

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Peter Duesberg: Inventing the AIDS virus

The history of modern malevolent medicine most definitely rhymes.

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Brian Halliday: Propaganda Hypnosis and The Media

One of the more confusing aspects of the latest episode in the long running series of Virus Scare Stories has been the mainstream media messaging.

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August 2021

Time to blow away the cobwebs…

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Amazing Polly: I’m So Over Coronavirus

Amazing Polly explains why she is So Over Coronavirus.

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Matthew Ehret: What Flatten The Curve Really Means

Matthew Ehret provides important historical insights into the Great Reset.

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