A Sense of Perspective

Can a lack of perspective turn mere mortals into monsters?

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5 Responses to A Sense of Perspective

  1. Boris Tabaksplatt says:

    Great post Tim, thank-you. There are many other areas of Government agenda that need a sense of perspective and a dollop of common sense. They fail to realise that there is no black and white solution to most problems, rather they are dealing with infinite shades of grey.

    Their dependence on the cabals of ‘expert’ mainstream scientist, as a basis for policy making, seldom seems to lead in them in the right direction. They would often do better picking through the entrails of a dead chicken when seeking guidance about what to do. Gut feelings can often produce the best result.

  2. malagabay says:

    VAXXED Patient’s Blood Examined
    Stew Peters Show
    Published August 18, 2021


    The ‘Stew Peters Show’ has obtained footage and slides of multiple patients’ blood that was examined after being inoculated with the shots being called ‘vaccines’ for COVID-19. Dr. Jane Ruby joins Stew Peters to discuss what the slides show, and how the blood is being changed, which can only be described as unexplainable and alarming.

    + + + + + + +

    Rouleaux (singular is rouleau) are stacks or aggregations of red blood cells (RBCs) that form because of the unique discoid shape of the cells in vertebrates.

    Conversely, the presence of rouleaux is a cause of disease because it will restrict the flow of blood throughout the body because capillaries can only accept free-flowing singular and independent red blood cells.

    The aggregations, also known as “clumping,” form as an allergic reaction to certain antibiotics and not necessarily because of disease.


  3. Patrick Donnelly says:

    Greg Hunt is the Federal Australian minister i/c health …. possibly too unlikely?


  4. malagabay says:

    21st Century Cures Act

    Signed into law by President Barack Obama on December 13, 2016

    In section 3024, the 21st Century Cures Act allows researchers to waive the requirement for “informed consent” in cases where clinical testing of drugs or devices “poses no more than minimal risk” and “includes appropriate safeguards to protect the rights, safety, and welfare of the human subject.”

    Wikipedia – 21st Century Cures Act

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