Sardis 2: Coin Chronology

Roman Chronology is cracked wide open when the Late Roman Emperors are put in their place.

Click here to read: Sardis 2: Coin Chronology

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3 Responses to Sardis 2: Coin Chronology

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  2. Patrick Donnelly says:

    Ptolemy may have been mistranslated?

    Venus and Mercury did not exist as planets outside the Sun, until the last of the Horizon events. How could that statement be true?

    We all agree that history has been deliberately distorted and even invented.

    What do you make of this?

    • malagabay says:

      Ptolemy may [or may not] have been mistranslated.
      Mercury may [or may not] have existed before the last horizon.
      Pigs may [or may not] have flown in an earlier age,

      As always, review the evidence and draw your own conclusions,

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