Sardis 4: Byzantine Bricks

One of the delights of ancient history is finding the Arabian Horizon in the official narratives.

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14 Responses to Sardis 4: Byzantine Bricks

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  2. Patrick Donnelly says:

    Coins are intriguing.
    We must distinguish between a cross and a crucifix. The latter is the symbol of Rome after the New Testament. The cross was visible all over the Earth. It is what can be seen when the Sun dies. When the Sun is reborn, it was called Sol Invictus.

    When did this occur? Twice. Once when the Earth, Adam, was born of the Sun, the old Saturn. Again when Venus was born, also creating Mercury the sad moon of that doomed planet.

    We know the cycle of the Sun. It is roughly 23 years long. The cycle is the changes of polarity, such that the magnetism of the charged body changes from N to S, a convention based upon mapping. The Solar system is like a homopolar motor. The planets are moved by the Filament energy which also powers the Star. The square of 23 is 529. But the cycle is only approximately 23 ‘years’. The movement of the planets, particularly the large ones, Saturn and Jupiter, actually inform us of the reversals and the return of the black Sun, the rosy cross, the naked Corona.

    The NT shows us a heart warming story about a peasant, the illegitimate son of a carpenter. It mentions the strange star, now called the Bethlehem Star. The closest conjunction of the gas giants when they are aligned in the ecliptic plane as well as by degree. It recurs. There are two such events and then a long period. The short period is 60 years, approx. The long is 460 years, currently. When the orbits change, with the addition of new planet(s), that will also change. At age 12 he has an experience. At 30 he engages in miracles. The orbital periods of the giants.

    The destruction of Abel by Cain, which you identify as the birth of the Halley’s comet, did not create a cross.

    This may further inform your findings.

    We have 3 decades to prepare!

    • Isaac says:

      Hey Patrick,

      There’s been ample evidence here that there’s been some tremendous upheavals not too long ago spaced not too many years apart, but I don’t quite get why it must recur.

      If Jupiter and Saturn get close together, then why would it alter the earth’s axial tilt, orbital distance or anything else important?

      • Patrick Donnelly says:

        The Sun is just another planet. It has a huge atmosphere. It is a matter factory, with most of it falling inward. It is powered by the filament that connects all stars to the centre of the galaxy. All the planets orbiting the Sun have been born by it. They are powered by the filament. The filament is Alternating Current with a polarity change in hundreds of years. Domestic supply is polarity change of 50 or 60 times a second. The gas giants are locked to the AC polarity change.

        Enjoy the Nova when it comes. It should be the least catastrophic of them, so far.
        Electric Universe, Thunderbolts Plasma Universe theory applies some of these answers….

  3. Patrick Donnelly says:

    What happens when the electromagnetism stops, for a few days?

    • Isaac says:


      So what do you make of the idea the earth came from Saturn or Jupiter, with the current sun picking them up in orbit some time later?

  4. johnm33 says:

    This era is difficult to rationalise at all. Allan Wilson has the last flourish of the Hittites/Chaldeans at this time, when Nebuchudnezzar [uncle of the King who’s own jealousy led to their conflict, causing the abandonment of the Hittite city and the capital moving to Ninevah/Babylon] defeated the Assyrians, took Jerusalem and sent the army of the Samarians/Samaritans into exile in Crimea where they morphed into the Cimmerians, who being succesful split into various groups one becoming the Galicians of today in west Ukraine. Others returned after the death of the king [or possibly the end of that ’empire’] freed the Trojan slaves and their descendents still held by the Greeks and headed west commemorating their departure on the lemnos stele. He also has Nebuchudnezzar defeating Rameses the great/’greek’ at both Kadesh and Carcamesh once as Rameses II and once as Necho II, and has them both portrayed at Abu Simbal, himself as the ‘Great King’, Rameses II as his vassal and his favourite daughter/ Rameses wife. In this history Rameses is the son of Menelaus and grandson of Tutankamun, on his mothers side, so far as I can tell nothing in the Theban plays contradict this, seven gated Thebes referring to the seven cities/forts at the entrance to the Nile.
    Someone took a huge bribe from the Persians to betray this empire, just as someone did with Troy, the sort of amount one would need to move into relatively uncontested space with an army of men and establish a city whilst swanning about, and building rapport, with some of the local knobs
    There’s a type of ‘roman’ concrete that uses crushed fired clay and lime mixed using seawater, which keeps forming it’s own crystaline reinforcement for as long as it’s kept soaked, a variation of this was used in the dome of the Pantheon. If that was the mortar used in these walls then the brick layers would act similar to tensile beams, and if they used the quarry waste as aggregate then the porousity and variable density of the ‘concrete’ would inhibit resonance.
    I begin to wonder if the ‘Arabian Horizon’ was a time when the Earths rotation slowed causing a steady flood building from the west as seas filled rivers, their valleys, and overflowed carrying vast amounts of saline sediment east perhaps even from the Atlantic to Egypt. Thus laying waste to vast areas of once fertile cropland, devastating agriculture until sufficient rainfall washed away that salt, if indeed it ever did?

    • Part quote “– a time when the Earths rotation slowed –“. Technically, the angular momentum of the earth has to be conserved, but, like the gyro, it can change its axial tilt and precession rate while still obeying the law of momentum conservation.
      It is there that evidence exists.

      • Patrick Donnelly says:

        Good observation!

        Publication of the old maps that show orientation that is the reverse of current, ahem, shows that you are correct.

        Orientation…. the orient. That where the Lord arises. Always shown on the right of a map. Occident where the Lord sleeps.

    • Patrick Donnelly says:

      Why use 33 in your ‘name’?

      Storytelling continues today, as news in media owned by those who are funded by bankers.
      Very few histories are worth wars, yet the ability to print and read the bible was a large factor in the religious wars. It wasn’t for the dietary or social advice!

      The issue is not what happened nor whether it will recur. It is one of access.

      Who should be told about ‘what’ and ‘when’?

  5. johnm33 says:

    I suspect that on slowing down the angular momentum retreats to the atomic level where it is expressed as heat. This heat in the top few hundred kilometers of the Earths ‘crust’ will, wherever low specific heat elements are present, rapidly raise temperatures causing any diffused hydrogen ions with to begin to react with oxydised elements. This will create supercritical water in situe, huge electrical potentials and solutes under increasing pressure due to the increased volume of the transformed minerals.
    Once rotation returns to normal you might expect some localised supercooling to take place anywhere where significant evaporative heat losses occured.
    There’s plenty of evidence of salt water flooding in north [and south] Africa, Australia too, though it may not currently be explained that way.

  6. johnm33 says:

    There was an interesting post about Venus at Sott last year which I began but failed to finish, it has an early pass/near miss with Earth around 3200bc [conventional calibration], it’s quite interesting that this time is a popular one for both Noahs flood and the Inundation of the Indus valley civilization. If Noahs arc was as described, a giant coracle, then clearly not for an ocean going voyage. Did he really have any foresight? or was he merely moving upriver to a more rural location, away from the temptations of the city? Either way there have been a few candidates, over the centuries, to be ‘the’ arc, which suggests the vessel type was a common means of transport for goods up and down the river.
    If there was a close pass then, then there may also have been another instance of the slowing of Earths rotation. Given that the Persian Gulf is an appendage of the Indian Ocean and that there would be no means of escape to the north then the whole ocean from close to the tip of India, including an arced section towards the Equator would be forced, by it’s own inertia, to overwhelm the Indus valley, flood the Persian Gulf and carrying all before it push through to the Bay of Bengal and some distance into the headwaters of the Mesapotamian rivers leaving masses of sediment in it’s wake.
    To be able to cast a shadow on Mercury would suggest Venus’s perihelion was beyond Earths orbit, and for it to be a useful navigational aide suggests it’s outer orbit was above the ecliptic, so a more or less constant feature of the N.H. skies. Also since to have such a prolonged orbital period indicates a much slower speed, it having gained speed to enter it’s now orbit, and having gained speed it must have lost heat, suggesting that previously it was positively incandescent and thus able to cast a decent shadow. It would also seem to have been outside the em field[s] of the suns equatorial plane and thus permanently in em tension with the heliospheric current sheet giving it it’s cometary look.
    Perhaps at each of the encounters there were slowdowns and floods, even a series of 7 calender changes? and on each occasion there would have also been a consequent heating then cooling of the top 2-300km of crust catalysing many chemical transformations and resettlings of surface equilibrium.
    So possibly this was the time of Venus settling in to it’s new orbit, I uess the question is has it done with us? it seems to be slowing by some accounts does that mean it’s begun to expand?

  7. Nang' says:

    Sorry Tim I can’t keep up with your last articles. I would like to know if you can get any reliable information on these figures :
    I miss a bit of local culture and knowledge in English to make my own opinion on that bit. Merci d’avance.

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