P N Oak: World Vedic Heritage

Anyone who enjoys challenging ideas can avail themselves of the high quality copy of World Vedic Heritage: A History of Histories by P N Oak that’s been uploaded to Archive.org.

World Vedic Heritage: A History of Histories
P. N. Oak – Third Edition 2003


136 MB PDF:

Table of Contents – 1408 Pages

Volume I – Section I

1. World Vedic Heritage University – Appeal
2. Introduction To Second Edition
3. Indignation And Indictment
4. Novel-Facts And Format
5. The Unified Field Theory of History
6. A New Framework For World History
7. De-Briefing And Disinfection
8. How Much History Does The World Know?
9. The Current Hodgepodge of History
10. What Led Me To This Discovery
11. The Five-Thousand-Year-Barrier
12. Basic Definition
13. Theories About The Creation
14. The Vedas
15. Validity of Basic Concepts Concerning The Vedas
16. The Universally Accepted Vedic Theology
17. Vedic Theology
18. Religious Scriptures
19. Reclining-Vishnu Statues
20. The Lingual Theorem
21. Sanskrit The Mother of All Human Speech And Thought
22. Vedic Science
23. Ancient Nuclear Establishments
24. Vedic Scientific And Technological Texts
25. Dravids The Leaders of Vedic Society
26. The Original Home of Vedic Culture
27. India As It Was Known
28. The Vedic Socio Economic System
29. Swearing By The Fire
30. Vedic Culture And Militarism
31. The Vedic Military Organization
32. Worldwide Vedic Culture
33. Manusmriti
34. The Ancient Sanskrit Atlas
35. The World Keeps Vedic Time
36. Ayurveda The Ancient Universal Medical System
37. Vedic Architecture
38. The Universal Vedic Marriage System
39. The Vedic Origin of World Music
40. The Vedic Origin of Prosody
41. Sanskrit Nomenclature of World Coinage
42. Sanskrit Nomenclature of Weights And Measures
43. The Sanskrit Nomenclature In Modern Science
44. The Sanskrit Nomenclature of Modem Educational Texts
45. The Universal Vedic Educational System
46. Sanskrit Expressions In European Usage
47. The Ramayanic War
48. The Ramayana In Ancient Asia
49. The Ramayana In Ancient Europe
50. Krishna The Universal Deity
51. Hindu Origin of The Jews
52. Vedic Culture In The East
53. The Vedic Past of Japan
54. The Vedic Past of America
55. The Vedic Past of China
56. The Vedic Past of Korea And Manchuria
57. The Vedic Past of West Asia
58. The Vedic Past of Egypt
59. The Vedic Past of Syria And Assyria
60. The Vedic Roots of Arabia
61. The Vedic Roots of Islam

Volume II – Section I

62. The Vedic Past of Europe
63. The Vedic Past of Russia
64. The Vedic Past of Germany
65. The Vedic Past of The Austrian Region
66. The Vedic Past of The Scandinavian Region
67. The Vedic Past of Greece
68. The Vedic Past of Italy
69. The Vedic Past of France, Spain & Portugal
70. The Vedic Past of Tunisia
71. The Vedic Past of The British Isles
72. The Vedic Past of Ireland
73. English Is A Dialect of Sanskrit
74. The Vedic Past of Africa
75. Historical Misconceptions
76. The Vedic Far East
77. The Vatican Papacy Is A Vedic Institution
78. The Vedic Roots of Christianity
79. Christ A Pseudonym For Chrisna
80. No Jesus Ever Lived
81. Vedic Traditions
82. The Worldwide Vedic Nomenclature
83. The Astounding Predictive Compendiums
84. India-Europe Common Heritage
85. Vedic Deities And Festivals Around The World
86. The World Keeps Hindu Time
87. Summation

Volume II – Section II

88. Study And Research Methodology
89. The Importance of History
90. The National Flag
91. Misleading Muslim & Christian Chronicles
92. Unpardonable Lapses of Indian Historians
93. The Anglo – Muslim Archaeological Conspiracy
94. Lessons of History
95. Paucity of Hindu Records
96. Blundersome Historical Cliches
97. Practical Application of History
98. Alien Tampering with Indian History
99. Alien Designs Against Hindudom
100. Ignorance of History Leads To National Suicide
101. Solar Physics In Surya Siddhanta
102. Vedic Sociology
103. The Genesis of Humanity
104. Vedic Physical Fitness Exercise Par Excellence
105. Conclusion

Picture Index
Index of Personal Names

Usage: Public Domain Mark 1.0

About the Author:

The author P. N. Oak having made some far-reaching discoveries in history, is the founder president of the Institute for Rewriting World History. His latest finding is than in pre-Christian times Vedic culture and Sanskrit language held full sway throughout the world.

P. N. Oak was born in a Maharashtrian Brahmin family in which his father talked to him only in Sanskrit, mother only in English, relations in Marathi and town-folk in Hindi. That gave him fluency in these four languages from childhood. Oak is keen to find a world Vedic heritage University to educate the world in the primordial Vedic unity of all humanity. To that end he invites correspondence from all those willing to help.

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