Climate Clowns

Roll up! Roll Up! The Climate Circus is coming to town.

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  1. malagabay says:

    Long story short:

  2. malagabay says:

    The CO2 Song – M4GW

    Symbiosis is any type of a close and long-term biological interaction between two different biological organisms …


  3. malagabay says:

    Photosynthesis maintains aerobic life on Earth, and Joseph Priestly first demonstrated this in his eighteenth-century bell jar experiments using mice and mint plants. In order to demonstrate the fragility of life on Earth, Priestley’s experiment was recreated using a human subject placed within a modern-day bell jar.

    A paradigm of fragile Earth in Priestley’s bell jar
    Daniel Martin et al.
    Extreme Physiology & Medicine – 4 September 2012

    Joseph Priestley FRS (1733-1804) was an English chemist, natural philosopher, separatist theologian, grammarian, multi-subject educator, and liberal political theorist. He published over 150 works, and conducted experiments in electricity and other areas of science. He was a close friend of, and worked in close association with Benjamin Franklin involving electricity experiments.

    Wikipedia – Joseph Priestley

    Joseph Priestley, a chemist and minister, discovered that when he isolated a volume of air under an inverted jar and burned a candle in it (which gave off CO2), the candle would burn out very quickly, much before it ran out of wax. He further discovered that a mouse could similarly “injure” air. He then showed that the air that had been “injured” by the candle and the mouse could be restored by a plant.

    In 1779, Jan Ingenhousz repeated Priestley’s experiments. He discovered that it was the influence of sunlight on the plant that could cause it to revive a mouse in a matter of hours.

    In 1796, Jean Senebier, a Swiss pastor, botanist, and naturalist, demonstrated that green plants consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen under the influence of light. Soon afterward, Nicolas-Théodore de Saussure showed that the increase in mass of the plant as it grows could not be due only to uptake of CO2 but also to the incorporation of water. Thus, the basic reaction by which photosynthesis is used to produce food (such as glucose) was outlined.

    Wikipedia – Photosynthesis

  4. Patrick Donnelly says:

    How do you create safe zones for the chosen? ‘National’ (The irony is big!) Parks, with a few buidldings and access routes.

    Where are the preparations for climate disasters: granaries, food stores, reservoirs of potable water?

    For the mob, hoi polloi, climate warming. For others, reservations for the Nova?

  5. oldbrew says:

    Reblogged this on Tallbloke's Talkshop and commented:
    Tim Cullen reviews some of the evidence – or lack of it – for the so-called climate emergency/crisis hype, as COP27 kicks off.

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  7. malagabay says:

    They’re all hypocrites!
    Jeff Taylor – 4th Nov 2022

  8. malagabay says:

    Richard North fine tunes his response to the climate crazies.

    I didn’t really want to return to the subject of CoP 27 so soon, when the issue has about as much allure as a tour of a lunatic asylum.

    Mind you, the last time I did such a tour (of a lunatic asylum), I was trailing slightly behind my group, clipboard in hand, when an inmate marched up to me, looked me in the eye and declared: “You’re a c**t”. My host, a senior official at the hospital, was most apologetic, but the only thing that really disturbed me was the unanswered question: how on earth did the inmate know?

    No such question need trouble us about the intervention of the Oaf at the conference: his status has been common knowledge for some considerable time. But the man seems to be keen to reinforce this reputation as he prepared to deliver a speech urging that “the mission to drive down fossil fuel use must not be disrupted by war in Ukraine and ‘corrosive cynicism’”.

    He is, we are told, use his appearance at the Cop27 on Monday to warn against the “naysayers” who threaten “his” net zero ambitions, adding that a “corrosive cynicism” is jeopardising efforts to wean the world away from fossil fuels. Not content with that, he will also call for the West to fight against a “defeatism” over climate change, which he blames on Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

    There is no polite response to this, although in respect of his comments on “corrosive cynicism”, one might tell him to look in the mirror. But more generally, one might simply mutter, sotto voce, “well, you can f**k right off”, and move on, in anticipation that this presumptuous intervention will do more harm to the Oaf’s cause than good.

    Climate Change – A Touch of Realism
    Turbulent Times
    Richard North – 7 Nov 2022

    That’s because economic self-immolation for climate change is just futile virtue signalling.

    Despite its earlier comments, it simply doesn’t seem to be able to come to terms with the reality it seeks and acknowledge that hell will freeze over before China and others follow the Western world in its determination to commit economic suicide.

    Needless to say, developing countries will applaud our self-immolation, as they build their own industries to replace those that we have destroyed, while demanding shed-loads of cash by way of reparations, to “compensate” for their chronic inabilities to manage their own affairs.

    Climate Change – A Touch of Realism
    Turbulent Times
    Richard North – 7 Nov 2022

  9. malagabay says:

    As the world’s biggest hypocrites arrive in their private jets at the UN Climate Summit in Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh (or as Rabo’s Michael Every puts it, “Sham el-Chic”), French President Emmanuel Macron quickly made an early splash (perhaps more so even than Greta who is trying to get rich from her book telling us how we need to destroy capitalism), when he “urged” the United States, China and other non-European rich nations to pay their fair share to help poorer countries deal with climate change.

    Nearly 100 heads of state and government will listen to each other speak (words pre-written by the green lobby) at the summit on Monday and Tuesday, but as always when it comes to these ridiculously idiotic boondoggles, China’s President Xi Jinping, whose country is the world’s top emitter of greenhouse gases, is not attending the conference.

    Joe Biden, head of the country which ranks second on the top-polluters list, will join COP27 later this week after his Democratic party suffers a tsunami loss in the midterm elections on Tuesday that could put Republicans hostile to international action on climate change in charge of Congress.

    Fresh from his own election victory, Brazil’s Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is expected to attend the summit later on, with hopes that he will protect the Amazon from deforestation after defeating climate-sceptic President Jair Bolsonaro. Spoiler alert: he won’t; if anything he will profit from accelerating it.

    Another new leader, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, reversed a decision not to attend the talks and is due to urge countries to move “further and faster” in transitioning away from fossil fuels.

    Macron Urges US, China To Pay Their “Fair Share” For Climate Change
    Zero Hedge – Tyler Durden – 08 Nov 2020

  10. malagabay says:

    Continent Cut Off by Heavy Heat Haze 🙂

    Questions Remain Over Met Office Claim That 2022 Was the U.K.’s Hottest Year on Record
    Daily Sceptic – Chris Morrison – 30 December 2022

  11. malagabay says:

    Scroll through all the old chestnuts for a good laugh.

    55 Years Of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions

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