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The Heinsohn Horizon: Calendar Conundrum

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Introduction A simple fact checking exercise whilst writing up one topic can produce an unexpected insight that warrants being spun off as a separate narrative. This posting is an example of a spun off narrative. Editing the original text to … Continue reading

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The Heinsohn Horizon: Kom El Deka

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The party line promoted by Wikipedia is that Kom El Deka was the Roman Quarter of Alexandria between the 4th and 7th centuries. Recent archaeology at Kom El Deka (heap of rubble or ballast) has found the Roman quarter of … Continue reading

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The Heinsohn Horizon: Four Sackings and a Tsunami

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Textbook history for Roman Alexandria includes a series of disasters beginning in 115 AD. In AD 115, large parts of Alexandria were destroyed during the Kitos War, which gave Hadrian and his architect, Decriannus, an opportunity to rebuild it. reading

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The Heinsohn Horizon: 21st July 912

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Numerous academic articles acknowledge Alexandria has been “hit” by two destructive tsunamis. Alexandria was hit by a number of tsunamis in the course of the history (see Papadopoulos et al. 2007 ; Salamon et al. 2007), two of which have … Continue reading

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The Heinsohn Horizon: 21st July 365 AD

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The finer details of Roman History are as slippery as an eel and the events of the 21st July 365 AD are especially slippery. The 365 Crete earthquake occurred at about sunrise on 21 July 365 in the Eastern Mediterranean, … Continue reading

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Deranged Dating: The Roman Problem

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One of the quaint aspects of academia is it’s claim that Dendrochronology is “scientific”. Dendrochronology (or tree-ring dating) is the scientific method of dating tree rings (also called growth rings) to the exact year they were formed in order to … Continue reading

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The Quality of Air Quality

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Once upon a time London was renowned for it’s “pea-soupers”. Pea soup, or a pea souper, also known as a black fog, killer fog or smog is a very thick and often yellowish, greenish, or blackish fog caused by air … Continue reading

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Checkpoint Charlies

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The surreal state of the Brexit negotiations via the medium of the mainstream media becomes more mind boggling by the day. Compared to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership the Brexit negotiations are pure custard pie slapstick. Transatlantic Trade and … Continue reading

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The Heinsohn Horizon and The Parting of the Red Sea

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One of the points of commonality between the history of Hindu Astronomy and Leona Libby’s Old Japanese Cedar Tree Chronology is that they both suggest there was [roughly] a 300 year period of geological and cultural disruption leading up to … Continue reading

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Brexit: Having Their Cake While Eating Yours

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I wasn’t surprised by the Brexit referendum result. I was suspicious. Brexit is the popular term for the prospective withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU). In a referendum on 23 June 2016, 51.9% of the … Continue reading

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Wakey Wakey

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Back in the day, Banality Broadcasting tortured the Nation with Billy Cotton’s cry of “Wakey Wakey” on Soporific Sundays. For several decades Billy Cotton was a household name in Britain, as a band leader, radio and TV presenter. But there … Continue reading

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The Heinsohn Horizon and The History of Astronomy

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The History of Astronomy provides some of the best supporting evidence for the 700 Phantom Years of History theory proposed by Gunnar Heinsohn. In 1898 Arthur Berry noted the 900-year near-stagnation in Astronomy during the Middle Ages. Recommended by the … Continue reading

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Brexit: The Great Game

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Back in the day, when the United Kingdom joined the Common Market, the media pumped out propaganda whilst avoiding detailed data and coherent comment like the plague. In those distant days the Balance of Payments made headlines and the Government’s … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: Self-Propelled Footnote

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1950 was a vintage year for Cometary science and pseudoscience. In April 1950, after 8 rejections, Immanuel Velikovsky [amongst many other things] introduced a new generation to the long established science of the Hydrocarbon Comet. In 1950, after eight publishing … Continue reading

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What Happened? A Very Dark Blue Joke

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Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. This is definitely the case when it comes to politics. It’s especially true when it comes Party Politics in the U S of A. And it’s doubly true when politicians believe they won’t suffer … Continue reading

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The Great Cnuts of Climate

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According to the history books Cnut the Great became King of England in 1016 AD. Cnut the Great (c. 995 – 1035), also known as Canute – whose father was Sweyn Forkbeard (which gave him the patronym Sweynsson, Old Norse: … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: Electric Epilogue

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A few weeks ago I was encouraged to remember: Velikovsky gave us “The Electric Universe”. I have no problem with the underlying sentiments expressed in those words of encouragement. However, I do have a few problems regarding their accuracy. Problem … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: On The Far Side

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Following the Terrestrial Thorium line of enquiry to the Far Side of the Moon very rapidly becomes a fascinating journey to the Far Side as the Settled Science turns to dust and this independent observer is led to conclude the … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: Sea of Showers

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One of the more surprising lines of enquiry into the origins of Terrestrial Thorium is the esoteric narrative of the Thorium enriched KREEP deposits on the Nearside of the Moon. The remarkably unbalanced distribution of Lunar Thorium mirrors the equally … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: The Carolina Bays

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The curious coincidence of “known” Comets with sporadic spikes in Thorium 232 opens up a new line of enquiry that suggests the Carolina Bays have a Cometary connection. This particular line of enquiry originates from trying to determine whether the … Continue reading

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