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The Heinsohn Horizon and The Parting of the Red Sea

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One of the points of commonality between the history of Hindu Astronomy and Leona Libby’s Old Japanese Cedar Tree Chronology is that they both suggest there was [roughly] a 300 year period of geological and cultural disruption leading up to … Continue reading

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The Heinsohn Horizon and The History of Astronomy

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The History of Astronomy provides some of the best supporting evidence for the 700 Phantom Years of History theory proposed by Gunnar Heinsohn. In 1898 Arthur Berry noted the 900-year near-stagnation in Astronomy during the Middle Ages. Recommended by the … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: The Feathered Serpent

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The concept of cometary Cyanogen entering the Earth’s atmosphere is doubly dangerous because it’s a highly toxic gas that produces the “second-hottest-known natural flame”. Cyanogen produces the second-hottest-known natural flame (after carbon subnitride) with a temperature of over 4,525 °C … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: Death In The Clouds

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Although molecular Nitrogen represents 78.09% of the air we breath this doesn’t mean all substances containing Nitrogen are nice and nurturing. In reality Nitrogen is a very curious substance that can also be very nasty. The combination of Nitrogen and … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: The Thorium Connection

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If you have long suspected the mainstream is being less than honest [or simply delusional] when they describe Comets as “dirty snowballs” or [more recently] “icy dirtballs” then you might be interested to discover Close Cometary Encounters are associated with … Continue reading

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The Heinsohn Horizon and The Migration Period

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Gunnar Heinsohn very politely points out the 700 years between the 230s and 930s AD “have neither strata nor tree samples”. Therefore, some 700 years of the 1st millennium (230 to 930s) have neither strata nor tree samples for C14 … Continue reading

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The Silchester Mystery

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Archaeologists have learnt a lot about Roman Silchester [aka Calleva] in the last 125 years. Calleva, formally Calleva Atrebatum (“Calleva of the Atrebates”), was an Iron Age oppidum and subsequently a town in the Roman province of Britannia and the … Continue reading

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European Islands of Culture

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As the months tick by a few more pieces of the puzzle fall [roughly] into place regarding the reshaping of Northern Europe between the Arabian Horizon and Heinsohn Horizon. The remarkable geographic changes that occurred during this [roughly] 300 year … Continue reading

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Loch Ness Chronology: Getting to Grips with Gyttja

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The waters of Loch Ness fill a particularly steep sided chasm in the Great Glen of Scotland. Loch Ness lies along the Great Glen Fault, which forms a line of weakness in the rocks which has been excavated by … Continue reading

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Elk Lake Varves

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A perennial problem confronting Chronology Compilers in the Earth Sciences are the years with double or triple [or more] layers caused by unseasonal periods of weather such as Indian Summers and Blackberry Winters. Undetected multiple layers turn a Gold Mine … Continue reading

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Thorium 230: Chinese Corals

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A primary objective of the Earth Sciences is the transformation of high-precision technical measurements into high quality scientific information. Sadly, performing basic reality checks on the raw data isn’t a priority objective. Nevertheless, these basic reality checks can be performed … Continue reading

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The Miocene Mysteries

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If you prefer your history and geology neatly packaged as pre-digested nuggets of politically correct information that are easily swallowed [like supermarket ready meals] then it’s probably best that you stop reading now and return to your preferred internet safe … Continue reading

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Crashing Carthage

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This story starts out very slowly and then snowballs into something much, much bigger. The best place to start is the Guadalquivir river. The Guadalquivir river is named after the “great valley” it flows through. This seems back-to front. I’m … Continue reading

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Mosaico de los Amores

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The Mosaico de los Amores positively confirms A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever. However, historians aren’t always overjoyed when A Thing of Beauty is unearthed. Once upon a time Cástulo was a prospering city associated with lead and … Continue reading

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Carbon 14: Norwegian Blues

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A depressing aspect of some published papers is that they assiduously avoid analysing the raw data. Instead they plunge headlong into transmogrifying their raw data into Settled Science. This is regrettable because a simple reality check can provide some valuable … Continue reading

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732 AD and All That – A Belief System Cocktail

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In my teenage years I learnt that Mixing My Drinks was a very bad idea. In later life I added Mixing Belief Systems to my list of very bad ideas. Therefore, it’s no surprise I consider it in very poor … Continue reading

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Ravenna Revisited: The Great Sack Race

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Once upon a time [long before the invention television, radio and the printing press] the Ecclesiastical News Network broadcast propaganda from the pulpit. Many of these propaganda productions have been embellished and immortalised by the creative writing skills of the … Continue reading

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Ravenna Revisited: The Deja Vu Dodo

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Foreword The good news for the Academic Acolytes is that their gainful employment is guaranteed in the short term because new discoveries must be careful shaped and retro-fitted onto the existing Etruscan Ecclesiastical Empire embroidery they call history. The bad … Continue reading

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Ravenna Revisited: A Byzantine Birth

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Success and growth are usually associated with organisational challenges. For the Etruscan Ecclesiastical Empire these challenges were especially interesting because whenever they acquired a new territory or culture they also acquired it’s history. Their greatest challenge was shaping and retro-fitting … Continue reading

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Ravenna Revisited: Triple Point

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Foreword The mainstream has a pathological predilection to prioritise “cock-up before conspiracy”. Hanlon’s razor is an aphorism expressed in various ways including “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity” or “Don’t assume bad intentions over neglect … Continue reading

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