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Late Paleocene Thermal Minimum

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If you’ve ever felt the Earth Sciences are rather special then you’ve arrived at the right place. On the other hand: If you believe the Earth Sciences are entirely based upon robust science then you’ve arrived at the wrong place … Continue reading

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Comet Halley Calendar

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Researching the Gregorian Calendar Reforms involves a journey into the mire of mainstream medieval manuscripts and academic assertions that so inspired J R R Tolkien when he was a Professor of Anglo-Saxon between 1925 and 1945. Venturing into this swamp … Continue reading

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The Great Greenland Snow Job – 09 – Willi’s Wonky Wafers

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Willi Dansgaard’s moment of revelation occurred one cold crisp morning whilst chowing down on a stack of pancakes in Camp Century. See: Willi Dansgaard’s big idea was that a stack of pancakes becomes thinner when squashed. See: Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Deranged Dating: The Big Picture

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Whenever I was dragged off to the cinema to see the greatest story ever told I was always surprised when the trailers informed me I was about to disappointed because the real greatest story ever told was actually coming to … Continue reading

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Deranged Dating: Science To Dye For

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Atmospheric Carbon-14 and Beryllium-10 are cosmogenic nuclides created by high-energy phenomena such as cosmic rays and nuclear explosions with other contributions probably coming from lightning and the burning up of meteoric material. Cosmogenic nuclides (or cosmogenic isotopes) are rare isotopes … Continue reading

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The London Levels

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During the 20th century Milking Parlours were transmogrified into industrialised units churning out Sanitised Milk [with added antibiotics] that is filtered, pasteurised, homogenised and repackaged into convenient cartons for easy consumption. Similarly, the 20th century saw the Hallowed Halls of … Continue reading

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The Fold Up Beds of Glen Roy

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The Parallel Roads of Glen Roy are said to be a curious “geological puzzle” that the awfully clever Gradualist Geologists have solved by stating they are “a series of ice-dammed proglacial lake shorelines”. However, if these awfully clever Gradualist Geologists … Continue reading

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The Parallel Roads of Glen Roy

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The West of Scotland bears witness to the up and downs of the land and/or the sea. Rubha an Dùnain or Rubh’ an Dùnain is an uninhabited peninsula to the south of the Cuillin hills on the island of Skye … Continue reading

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Dating the Dark Earth: The Devil’s Kneading Trough

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One of the more celebrated Dark Earth sites subjected to the sophisticated Settled Science of radiocarbon dating is the very aptly named Devil’s Kneading Trough in Kent. Along the chalk downs in southern England there are a number of short, … Continue reading

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The Red Score: Greenland Gold

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One of the more lustrous treasures found in Greenland is gold. Similarly, deposits of coal, diamonds, and many metals – including silver, nickel, platinum, copper, molybdenum, iron, niobium, tantalum, uranium, and rare earths – are known to exist, but not … Continue reading

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The Red Score: The Migration

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After the Deluge the Lenape abandoned the “land of snow” in search of “warmer lands”. The Lenape migration began with a journey over the frozen, slippery, stone-hard, tidal sea. The waters having disappeared, the home of the tribe is described … Continue reading

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Myths of the Cherokee: The Deluge

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The Mendacious Mainstream Myth Makers transformed 1905 into an Annus Mirabilis with the publication of North American Indian Fairy Tales. This pernicious tome presented to an “advanced civilisation” the collective cultural heritage of the “Indians of North America” as a … Continue reading

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The Arabian Horizon – The Liwa Impact

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One of the more striking artefacts in the Gazetteer from Ptolemy’s Geographia is the curious semicircle of locations in the centre of the Arabian Peninsula. In effect, Ptolemy developed the first Geographical Information System. Much more significantly, it makes GIS … Continue reading

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The Arabian Horizon: The Big Chill

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Leona Libby’s Isotopic Tree Thermometers was published 40 years ago. Her paper was extraordinary in many ways. Firstly, Leona Libby applied an objective scientific methodology to dendrochronology. Long term isotope changes in precipitation, caused by changes in climatic temperatures, are … Continue reading

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Antarctic Guide to the First Millennium

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There is no official mainstream historical narrative for Antarctica during the 1st millennium because [so we are told] Antarctica was only discovered in 1820. In 1820, several expeditions claimed to have been the first to have sighted the ice shelf … Continue reading

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Guest Post by Louis Hissink

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One of the problems with ice core data is working out how quickly deposited snow becomes buried. Ice is peculiar in that, unlike silicate sediments such as clays and silts, it undergoes physical phase transformations that complicates subsequent stratigraphical analysis. … Continue reading

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Greenland Guide to the First Millennium

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The archaeological narrative for Greenland in the 1st Millennium is essentially one long hiatus [aka lacuna aka void] that is only disturbed by the error bars of radiocarbon dating. The mainstream historical narrative only begins after the Heinsohn Horizon with … Continue reading

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Lawler Events and The Heinsohn Horizon

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The historical narrative contains many intriguing coincidences. For example: Gunnar Heinsohn has identified 700 phantom years in the history of the first millennium. Working backwards through the mainstream historical narrative we arrive at The Heinsohn Horizon in the 930s where … Continue reading

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A Scandinavian Saga

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At the beginning of the first millennium cartographers crafted a Semicircular Europe that excluded the Scandinavian Peninsula. The Scandinavian Peninsula is a peninsula in Northern Europe, which covers the whole mainland of Sweden, nearly all the mainland of Norway, northwestern … Continue reading

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The Deluge

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Most commentators seem to conflate the dictionary definitions of the word deluge so they can concentrate upon floods and inundations. A flood myth or deluge myth is a narrative in which a great flood, usually sent by a deity or … Continue reading

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