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Wheels within Wheels – Vortex within Vortex

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The Scientific Method simply requires letting “reality speak for itself”. The chief characteristic which distinguishes a scientific method of inquiry from other methods of acquiring knowledge is that scientists seek to let reality speak for itself, supporting a theory when … Continue reading

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Newtonian Reality Check

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Sir Isaac Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation [first published in 1687] has become deeply embedded within mainstream science and is currently accepted as an unquestionable article of scientific faith. The unquestioning belief in Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation is … Continue reading

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Inventions and Deceptions – Hammer and Feather Experiment

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Commander David Scott performed the “hammer and feather experiment” on the Moon during the Apollo 15 mission in 1971. The objective of the “hammer and feather experiment” is to demonstrate “that all objects in a given gravity field fall at … Continue reading

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Inventions and Deceptions – Gravitational Mass Attraction

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The fundamental basis of mainstream Gravitational Theory is that physical bodies generate an attractive “force proportional to their masses”. Gravitation, or gravity, is the natural phenomenon by which physical bodies appear to attract each other with a force proportional to … Continue reading

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Planetary Rotation 2: The Gas Giants

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The first part of this post found a statistical relation between the planetary period of rotation [in days] and the diameter [in kilometres] for the Gas Giants of the Solar System. However, describing this statistical relationship in more detail is … Continue reading

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Solar System – Rankine Vortex

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In 1619 Johannes Kepler published his Third Law of Planetary Motion which describes the relationship between the orbital periods of the planets and their distance from the Sun. The square of the orbital period equals the cube of the orbital … Continue reading

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Geocentric Rankine Vortex – Orbital Decay

In the earlier Geocentric Rankine Vortex posting the trajectory of an object released from 129,530 kilometres above the Earth surface was examined: The implication of a theoretical [unrestrained] Geocentric Rankine Vortex is that the vortex has a distinct “boundary” at … Continue reading

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Geocentric Rankine Vortex

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This post examines the proposition that the Earth is at the centre of a Rankine Vortex that generates the centripetal force that is commonly known as Gravity. The Rankine vortex model is an attempt to describe the velocity profile through … Continue reading

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Inventions and Deceptions – Hill Sphere

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The Hill Sphere is defined by Wikipedia as: An astronomical body’s Hill Sphere is the region in which it dominates the attraction of satellites. To be retained by a planet, a moon must have an orbit that lies within the … Continue reading

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Inventions and Deceptions – Barycentric Orbits

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Barycentric Orbits are presented by Wikipedia as the scientifically correct mechanism that controls celestial orbits: The center of mass plays an important role in astronomy and astrophysics, where it is commonly referred to as the barycenter. The barycenter is the … Continue reading

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Inventions and Deceptions – Asteroid 2010 SO16

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Wikipedia provides an introduction to “Asteroid 2010 SO16” as follows: 2010 SO16 is a near-Earth asteroid discovered by the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer space telescope. The orbit was described by Christou Apostolos and David Asher at the Armagh Observatory in … Continue reading

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Forced Vortex Demonstration

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This demonstration you can easily try for yourself. These are the ingredients I used: The method is simple: 1) Add a spoonful of the sand to the jug of water. 2) Drop the plastic bead into the jug of water. … Continue reading

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