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Celtic Karma

The hard evidence reveals a Celtic narrative that’s not in the history books. Click here to continue reading: Celtic Karma

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The Retreat of the Gangotri Glacier

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If you’ve come to recognise that the future projections of modern climate science are alarmist pseudo-science then it should come as no surprise that the historical hindcasts conjured up by climate science are also pitiful pseudo-science.

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Enigmatic Egypt: Roman Ruination – Red Sea

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The Egyptian grand tour of Roman ruination concludes with a relaxed Red Sea cruise. The cruise is an excuse for a Red Sea Romp through the dusty archives of ancient annals, medieval manuscripts, archaeological articles and the mainstream mindset. Passengers … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: On The Far Side

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Following the Terrestrial Thorium line of enquiry to the Far Side of the Moon very rapidly becomes a fascinating journey to the Far Side as the Settled Science turns to dust and this independent observer is led to conclude the … Continue reading

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Indian Impacts: Taprobane

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This is the story of the biggest Indian Impact you’ve never heard of. It’s also a wet job that exposes the squishy grey matter of the mainstream mindset. So don your rubber gloves. And lock the door because this posting … Continue reading

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Indian Impacts: Building Bricks

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Building a civilization upon a firm foundation of fired bricks has a long tradition that’s been traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Ceramic, or fired brick was used as early as 3000 BC in early Indus Valley cities. reading

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Indian Impacts: Thunderbolts of the Gods

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The catastrophes of the 2nd half of the 1st millennium are etched into the history and culture of India. One of the more important cultural artefact that survived these catastrophic events was the “encyclopedic” knowledge base known as the Puranas. … Continue reading

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Indian Impacts: Diamonds of the Gods

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Geology is a very ambivalent belief system. On the one hand: The discovery of stishovite at the Kachchh (Luna) site in India has helped convinced some geologists they’re dealing with an meteorite impact even though the dimple doesn’t display the … Continue reading

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Indian Impacts: Hammerhead Geology by Louis Hissink

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Last century a British astronomer, Fred Hoyle, remarked that one of the reasons scientific problems persist was because the scientists involved tended only to think with one or two ideas, and in geology that idea was and remains Lyellian Uniformitarianism … Continue reading

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Indian Impacts: The Hole Story

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The huge gaping holes in the Indian historical narratives present the independent researcher with a few challenges. Firstly, the mainstream is coy and coquettish whenever the conversation turns to Indian craters. Secondly, they’re tight lipped and evasive when the evidence … Continue reading

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Indian Impacts: The Kannauj Triangle

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One of the more established 1st millennium narratives of Indian history is the tripartite struggle for power in The Kannauj Triangle during the period that’s sandwiched between the Arabian Horizon and the Heinsohn Horizon. The Kannauj Triangle Kannuaj remained a … Continue reading

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Indian Impacts: Guide to the 1st Millennium

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Getting acquainted with 1st millennium Indian History is a daunting task. However, Wikipedia provides a helpful Outline of South Asian History that lists the various Kingdoms and Empires that emerged during the 1st millennium. History of South Asia – South … Continue reading

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