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The Heinsohn Horizon and The Parting of the Red Sea

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One of the points of commonality between the history of Hindu Astronomy and Leona Libby’s Old Japanese Cedar Tree Chronology is that they both suggest there was [roughly] a 300 year period of geological and cultural disruption leading up to … Continue reading

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European Islands of Culture

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As the months tick by a few more pieces of the puzzle fall [roughly] into place regarding the reshaping of Northern Europe between the Arabian Horizon and Heinsohn Horizon. The remarkable geographic changes that occurred during this [roughly] 300 year … Continue reading

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Thorium 230: Chinese Corals

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A primary objective of the Earth Sciences is the transformation of high-precision technical measurements into high quality scientific information. Sadly, performing basic reality checks on the raw data isn’t a priority objective. Nevertheless, these basic reality checks can be performed … Continue reading

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Crashing Carthage

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This story starts out very slowly and then snowballs into something much, much bigger. The best place to start is the Guadalquivir river. The Guadalquivir river is named after the “great valley” it flows through. This seems back-to front. I’m … Continue reading

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Flipping Geology: Forgotten Friction

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Having established a mythology based upon Dante’s nine concentric circles of Hell the Earth Scientists then created a cornucopia of co-dependent concepts. One of their more fabulously creative constructs is the Rock Cycle. The rock cycle is a basic concept … Continue reading

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Flipping Geology: Exothermic Processes

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Earth Scientists have more than a few problems Settling the Science that’s embedded in their medieval mysticism. On the one hand: The Geothermal Gradient defined by the Earth Scientists has recently acquired an additional 5 °C per kilometre. In deep … Continue reading

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Ravenna Revisited: The Heinsohn Horizon

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The Greek Termination Event in 607 CE is characterised by earthquakes and flooding while the Heinsohn Horizon in 912 CE is characterised by heat, fire and dust. Based upon the mud that reached the height of the ground floor door … Continue reading

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Ravenna Revisited: Greek Termination Event

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The Greek Termination Event is one of P N Oak’s Missing Chapters of History. Based upon the mud that reached the height of the ground floor door lintel of the Mausoleum of Theoderic in Ravenna it seems this event was … Continue reading

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Plate Tectonics versus Earth Expansion – A Gravity Problem by Louis Hissink

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The Plate Tectonic model dominates mainstream geology and science. It is based on the cosmological model of: ■ An initial state of nothingness which then exploded as the LeMaitre-Gamow Cosmic Big Bang Event when T=0, (time) ■ Some time afterwards … Continue reading

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Indian Impacts: Taprobane

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This is the story of the biggest Indian Impact you’ve never heard of. It’s also a wet job that exposes the squishy grey matter of the mainstream mindset. So don your rubber gloves. And lock the door because this posting … Continue reading

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Dallas Abbott: The Burckle Impact

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Being a scientist in the Age of Settled Science is a precarious occupation simply because submitting an honest scientific paper for peer-review can get you de-funded and/or branded a heretic by the academic gatekeepers that police the publication process. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Close To The Edge

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Having given up all hope of finding intelligent life in the Land of Plate Tectonics I anticipated I would only encounter amber blobs [ambling aimlessly around in an azure eternity] when I entered the Land of Paleogeology. Avalonia was a … Continue reading

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The Frisland Finesse: A Tale of Two Islands

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The Frisland Finesse is a few short sentences of duplicitous doublespeak originally concocted by the Divine Right Diviners and merrily endorsed [with a sly chuckle] by the Mainstream Hoax Meisters. Frisland, also called Frischlant, Friesland, Frislandia, or Fixland, is a … Continue reading

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Finding Frisland

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The Zeno Map [claimed to have been drafted in the 1390s] was first published in 1558. The Zeno map is a map of the North Atlantic first published in 1558 in Venice by Nicolo Zeno, a descendant of Nicolo Zeno, … Continue reading

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Iceland Goes South

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The history of Iceland includes a curious Riches to Rags sub-plot which [beginning around the 16th century] transforms Iceland into “one of the poorest countries in Europe”. The Middle Ages The Icelandic Commonwealth lasted until the 13th century, when the … Continue reading

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The Red Score: Otto von Sadovszky

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I’m grateful to remnant13 for introducing me to the work of Otto von Sadovszky. Otto J. von Sadovszky (July 3, 1925 – May 12, 2004) was a Hungarian American anthropologist who worked at California State University, Fullerton in southern California … Continue reading

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Crowd Source Science: Dutchsinse

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One of the more spectacular reactions to the Settled Science of Global Warming has been a resurgence of interest in Science [especially Earth Sciences] and with the emergence of Crowd Source Funding a new generation of independent Scientists [unfettered by … Continue reading

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Myths of the Cherokee: The Deluge

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The Mendacious Mainstream Myth Makers transformed 1905 into an Annus Mirabilis with the publication of North American Indian Fairy Tales. This pernicious tome presented to an “advanced civilisation” the collective cultural heritage of the “Indians of North America” as a … Continue reading

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The Arabian Horizon – The Cherokee Compass

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In 1590, nearly a century after Christopher Columbus arrived in the New World, a Spanish Jesuit named Jose de Acosta postulated that humans and animals had arrived in the New World via a northern land connection to the Old World. … Continue reading

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The Arabian Horizon – The Lost Lands: Punt

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When the Gradualist Skool of Historians defers to the Gradualist Skool of Geologists then the historical narrative becomes anachronistic and anomalous. For example: Gradualist Historians can’t agree upon the exact location of the Land of Punt. The Land of Punt, … Continue reading

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