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Philip Callahan: Paramagnetism

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Philip Callahan is [amongst many other things] a famous entomologist. Prof Philip S. Callahan is the greatest scientist of the late twentieth century. …. He got his Ph.D. at Kansas State in entomology (study of insects). He wrote that his … Continue reading

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As Above So Below – Georgi Gladyshev

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The pioneering cosmology of Georgi Gladyshev [originally published in 1977] embodies the concept of As Above, So Below by explicitly stating that “Liesegang’s theory of periodic condensation can be used to explain the empirical Titius-Bode rule of planetary distances”. Physicochemical … Continue reading

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Liesegang Rings: 4 – Biology

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In the previous post it was clearly established that attributing any “real world” observation to the Liesegang Phenomena is an arbitrary decision because there is no established scientific theory that comprehensively defines the Liesegang Phenomena. Other investigators have since repeated … Continue reading

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Liesegang Rings: 3 – Theory and Practice

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The previous post examined the natural diversity of patterns associated with the Liesegang Phenomenon [including rings, spirals, helices and polygons]. The Liesegang Phenomenon has been studied for over a 100 years and academia has generated a plethora of theories that … Continue reading

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Liesegang Rings: 2 – Spirals, Helices and Polygons

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The previous posting on the Liesegang Phenomenon focussed upon the precipitation reaction that produces Liesegang Rings with normal banding where the space between consecutive bands increases. Pattern formation can also emerge behind moving fronts that “activate” the field they sweep … Continue reading

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Liesegang Rings: 1 – The Liesegang Phenomenon

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Raphael Eduard Liesegang was a remarkable man who pioneered the study of Liesegang Rings. Raphael Eduard Liesegang (November 1, 1869 – November 13, 1947) was a German chemist, photographer and entrepreneur born in Elberfeld. He is known for his work … Continue reading

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