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Ammonium: 1 – The Proxy War

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An academic debate between the massed ranks of Settled Science and the more solitary Solar Scientists has been festering since the 1990s. This isn’t a regular, standard issue academic debate. This is a proxy war between the Anthropomorphic Brigade of … Continue reading

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Solar Rotation – Formula Fantasies

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Many astronomers are afflicted with an irresistible urge to encapsulate their precious observational data into a mathematical approximation that is of “little scientific value”. The peculiarities affecting the motions of spots in different latitudes were reduced by Carrington into a … Continue reading

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Piers Corbyn: Long Range Weather Forecast

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The very entertaining presentation given by Piers Corbyn at the Electric Universe 2014 conference is available on YouTube. In his talk, Piers Corbyn described the failure of standard meteorology (SM) in outlook, theory, and practice. He included: signals in real … Continue reading

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