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Pop Goes The Measles

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It’s time to snap on the rubber gloves and delve into the measles headlines. Advertisements

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Cucumber and Grapes

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Frans de Waal and Sarh Brosnan discovered what happens when monkeys are paid unequally. What happens when two monkeys are paid unequally? Fairness, reciprocity, empathy, cooperation — caring about the well-being of others seems like a very human trait. But … Continue reading

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Jordan B Peterson: 12 Rules for Life

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Jordan B Peterson brings enlightenment to our inner lobster… What does everyone in the modern world need to know? Renowned psychologist Jordan B. Peterson’s answer to this most difficult of questions uniquely combines the hard-won truths of ancient tradition with … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: A Velikovsky Vindication

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One of Immanuel Velikovsky’s more outrageous heresies contained within Worlds in Collision is the conclusion that Comet Venus was producing petroleum gases. Worlds in Collision is a book written by Immanuel Velikovsky and first published April 3, 1950. … The … Continue reading

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The Media & Mad Cows

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The anti-Trump Fake News blitz by the legacy media has invoked memories of the Mad Cow Disease epidemic amongst several new media commentators. Although these references are deployed for humorous effect it’s worth remembering that Mad Cow Disease is deadly … Continue reading

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Sick Government

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Governments on both sides of the Atlantic have sick Health Care Systems. In the United Kingdom they are trying to cure their Health Care System by emulating the United States with it’s “market-based healthcare system”. In 2009 the Tory MP … Continue reading

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Drinking-Water and Copper

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They say: you learn something new every day. However, not everything you learn is as useful as this. Microbially-unsafe water is still a major concern in most developing countries. Although many water-purification methods exist, these are expensive and beyond the … Continue reading

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The Geriatric Games

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Having focussed upon the summer Globalist Games in Rio the mainstream media is now hyping-up the Geriatric Games. The Geriatric Games are a peculiarly American phenomenon that can be traced back to the presidency of Ronald Reagan [1981-1989]. Since those … Continue reading

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Theodore Bent and The Round Towers of Zimbabwe

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James Theodore Bent [1852-1897] was an English explorer and archaeologist who [amongst other things] made the first detailed examination of the “round towers” in the Great Zimbabwe. In 1889 he undertook excavations in the Bahrein Islands of the Persian Gulf, … Continue reading

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Genetically Modified Insects

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The release of sterile insects into “small populations” of target insects can reduce the target insect population. However, the release of sterile insects into “dense target populations” does not effectively reduce the target insect population. The sterile insect technique is … Continue reading

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Catastrophic Cows

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Settled Science has a perverse preference to demonise cattle whenever possible. This preference probably originates from a Western quasi-religious phobia of horned animals. Horns of a goat and a ram, goat’s fur and ears, nose and canines of a pig, … Continue reading

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World Bank Drops A Word

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The World Bank is getting a little forgetful. This is only to be expected when an organisation is in its dotage. The World Bank was created at the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference, along with three other institutions, including the International … Continue reading


Sick Science

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Following hot on the heels of the Papal Pap and the New and Improved Sixth Mass Extinction Pap the cut & paste press has been infected with another virulent virus of the vacuous kind: Practitioner Pap. Panel of doctors give … Continue reading

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In my naivety I though the concept of the Information Age was about developing a “knowledge-based society” where well informed individuals are allowed “to explore their personalized needs”. Thankfully, Wikipedia put me straight. Wikipedia reliably informs me I am “surrounded” … Continue reading

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Tobacco’s Bum Rap

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During the 1900s in the United Kingdom men were consuming almost seven pounds of tobacco annually [on a per capita basis]. Cigarettes have largely replaced other forms of smoking in the past seventy years, during which time tobacco consumption has … Continue reading

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The Cholesterol Correlation – The Caesium-137 Correlation

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Caesium-137 is a well studied radioisotope because of its “high affinity to fine soil particles”. Caesium-137, Cesium-137, or Cs-137 is one of radioisotopes of caesium with a nominal atomic mass of 137. … It is an artificial radionuclide with a … Continue reading

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The Cholesterol Correlation – The Nuclear Fallout Correlation

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The correlation between nuclear fallout and the epidemic of male coronary heart disease can be traced back in the United Kingdom to 1942 and the Manhattan Project. Secular and geographical trends in sex differences in coronary heart disease mortality D … Continue reading

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The Cholesterol Correlation – The Chemical Weapons Correlation

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The First World War [28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918] was grotesque and deadly. The total number of deaths includes about 10 million military personnel and about 7 million civilians. The Entente Powers (also known as the Allies) lost … Continue reading

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The Cholesterol Correlation – The Elephant in the Room

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The publication in 1953 of the [now] infamous cherry-picked graphic by Ancel Keys [claiming a clear correlation between degenerative heart disease deaths and dietary doses of fat] encouraged John Yudkin to delve into the murky depths of diet, death and … Continue reading


The Cholesterol Correlation – The Ancel Keys “Facts”

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Extraordinary stories frequently feature extraordinary protagonists. The story of the Cholesterol Correlation features the extraordinary Ancel Keys. Keys was the only child of Caroline Emma Chaney Keys, a homemaker, and Benjamin Pios Keys, a bookbinder. Shortly after their son’s birth, … Continue reading

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