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Ptolemy Down Under

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Ptolemy’s Paradigm: The Whole Story

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Ptolemy’s Paradigm: An Uplifting Story

The uplifting story of Greenland had catastrophic consequences. Click here to continue reading An Uplifting Story

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Ptolemy’s Paradigm: Green Greenland

Greenland was called Green for the same reason Ireland is called the Emerald Isle.

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Ptolemy’s Paradigm: Losing Elizabeth Island

The myopic mainstream has lost Elizabeth Island even though it’s remarkably easy to find.

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Ptolemy’s Paradigm: Radiocarbon Reconciliation

Ptolemy’s Paradigm provides another simple solution along with lashings of ginger beer cognitive dissonance.

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Ptolemy’s Paradigm: Aftermath

This gallery contains 50 photos.

Ptolemy’s Paradigm demystifies the The Crisis of the Late Middle Ages.

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Ptolemy’s Paradigm: Antarctic Alignment

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Deuterium leads, CO2 lags, Cape Horn goes North, and Iceland goes South.

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Ptolemy’s Paradigm: Sol Invictus Orbit

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Solar Parallax observations raise a smile when they reveal [amongst other things] Earth Scientists have documented a doppelgänger of the Medieval Warm Period.

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Ptolemy’s Paradigm: A Picture of Precession

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A remarkably clear picture of the Precession of the Equinoxes emerges when the chronology is cleaned-up.

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Torturing Test Data

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The Pareto Principle is bad news if you’re stretching the truth.

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