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Pb for Lead

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The mainstream attempt to combine the Settled Science of Lead Pollution in Greenland Ice Cores with the Settled History of the Roman Era is a very revealing train wreck. Advertisements

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Vacaciones de Verano

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Time for a short intermission…

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Latin Languages: Vanished Visigoths

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At the beginning of the 5th century many migrants are said to have arrived in Iberia. The Visigoths, Suebi, Vandals and Alans arrived in Spain by crossing the Pyrenees mountain range, leading to the establishment of the Suebi Kingdom in … Continue reading

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Latin Languages: Italic Iberians

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The academic assertion that Spanish is a Latin Language is the equivalent to asserting the title of Shakespeare’s Macbeth should be called MacDuff because Lady Macduff makes a brief appearance towards the end of the play. Lady Macduff is a … Continue reading

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Latin Languages: Purged Punic

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The Phoenicians [like the Greeks] have been written out of the Spanish linguistic narrative. They say that history is written by the conquerors, but this wasn’t the case for the Phoenicians. That is probably because, although they settled in the … Continue reading

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Latin Languages: Ionian Iberians

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The linguistic narrative for Iberia begins with isolated Iberians idly talking amongst themselves. According to this narrative the literary abilities of the Iberians hadn’t advanced beyond writing “the names of their dead on gravestones” when the Romans arrived in 218 … Continue reading

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Latin Languages: Cognate Dissonance

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Cognitive Dissonance reigns supreme in the European lands of Latin Languages. One study analyzing the degree of differentiation of Romance languages in comparison to Latin (comparing phonology, inflection, discourse, syntax, vocabulary, and intonation) indicated the following percentages (the higher the … Continue reading

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Mosaico de los Amores

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The Mosaico de los Amores positively confirms A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever. However, historians aren’t always overjoyed when A Thing of Beauty is unearthed. Once upon a time Cástulo was a prospering city associated with lead and … Continue reading

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Ravenna Revisited: Greek Termination Event

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The Greek Termination Event is one of P N Oak’s Missing Chapters of History. Based upon the mud that reached the height of the ground floor door lintel of the Mausoleum of Theoderic in Ravenna it seems this event was … Continue reading

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Málaga – Luces de Navidad – 2015

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Somos de Málaga

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Málaga Turismo: Nov 2015 Featuring: Pablo Alborán , Manuel Alcantara, Carlos Alvarez, Antonio Banderas, Manuel Bandera, Maria Barranco, Mª Teresa Campos, Terelu Campos, Remedios Cervantes, Chiquito De La Calzada, Javier Conde, David Delfin, Nuria Fergó, Bibiana Fernandez, Dani Garcia, Jose … Continue reading

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A Mediterranean Mystery [with a Saros solution]

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The waters of the Mediterranean are relatively calm and on a still day the sea at my favourite beach [Almayate – which is close to Malaga, Spain] can be as calm as a millpond. The tidal range at Almayate is … Continue reading

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The Unholy Trinity

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It appears the Vatican City State has just become another European vassal state climbing aboard the Global Warming Gravy Train. 23. The climate is a common good, belonging to all and meant for all. At the global level, it is … Continue reading

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Malaga Tornado 2014

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A tornado [that originated at sea] took a four kilometres stroll through Malaga this morning making its presence felt at Malaga Airport, Churriana [crossing my street a couple of hundred metres away], Los Alamos and Playamar [on the outskirts of … Continue reading

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Malaga Fly-Cruise

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Malaga is a very popular destination for the Mediterranean cruise passengers and the fly-cruise option has never been easier now that Malaga has introduced direct transfers between the airport and the cruise ships which take the “lug” out of luggage. … Continue reading

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March Equinox at the Dolmen de Viera in Antequera

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The Sur in English has a spectacular front page picture taken at sunrise from inside the Dolmen de Viera. Nature has its own time, its own hours, and they are unique and ancient. Writer Paul Coelho tells us that every … Continue reading

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Malaga Orange Moon – 21st March 2014 00:06 CET

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Sometimes, when you look out the window on a clear night you see something unexpected. Sometimes, what you see is rather startling… like an orange Moon. Unfortunately, my digital camera is rather ancient and is not ideal for photographing the … Continue reading

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Smart Money is Moving South

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The Smart Money in Europe is once again moving towards the warmth of southern Spain. Perhaps the Smart Money has been reading Piers Corbyn at Possibly the Smart Money remembers the winter of 2009-10. The winter of … Continue reading

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Caminito Del Rey – Restoration Begins

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Sur in English reports that work has begun to restore the Caminito del Rey walkway. The Caminito del Rey runs at a height of 100 metres over the Guadalhorce river. … A team of highly specialised workers will have to … Continue reading

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Climatology 1960-2010 – Europe

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An overview of European climate [from 1960] using data from 18 locations was introduced in a previous posting. This posting reviews those individual locations and compares the 1960 data with the latest climate information available in Wikipedia. Theoretically, an overall … Continue reading

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