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Ravenna Revisited: A Byzantine Birth

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Success and growth are usually associated with organisational challenges. For the Etruscan Ecclesiastical Empire these challenges were especially interesting because whenever they acquired a new territory or culture they also acquired it’s history. Their greatest challenge was shaping and retro-fitting … Continue reading

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Ravenna Revisited: Triple Point

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Foreword The mainstream has a pathological predilection to prioritise “cock-up before conspiracy”. Hanlon’s razor is an aphorism expressed in various ways including “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity” or “Don’t assume bad intentions over neglect … Continue reading

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Ravenna Revisited: Mausoleum of Theoderic – Tragedy

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When the layers of farce are peeled away it’s possible to discern the “half abandoned” tragedy of Ravenna that’s full of “sumptuous splendour and incredible decay”. Upon the loneliest and most desolate shore of Italy, where the vast monotony of … Continue reading

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Indian Impacts: Taprobane

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This is the story of the biggest Indian Impact you’ve never heard of. It’s also a wet job that exposes the squishy grey matter of the mainstream mindset. So don your rubber gloves. And lock the door because this posting … Continue reading

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Indian Impacts: Building Bricks

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Building a civilization upon a firm foundation of fired bricks has a long tradition that’s been traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Ceramic, or fired brick was used as early as 3000 BC in early Indus Valley cities. reading

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Indian Impacts: The Kannauj Triangle

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One of the more established 1st millennium narratives of Indian history is the tripartite struggle for power in The Kannauj Triangle during the period that’s sandwiched between the Arabian Horizon and the Heinsohn Horizon. The Kannauj Triangle Kannuaj remained a … Continue reading

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Indian Impacts: Guide to the 1st Millennium

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Getting acquainted with 1st millennium Indian History is a daunting task. However, Wikipedia provides a helpful Outline of South Asian History that lists the various Kingdoms and Empires that emerged during the 1st millennium. History of South Asia – South … Continue reading

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Deranged Dating: Tamarack Pond Revisited

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Three weeks ago I began reviewing Dallas Abbott’s “seven discrete layers” from Tamarack Pond that had been dated using the magic carpet technique which is more commonly known as Radiocarbon Dating. We have found seven discrete layers in a bog … Continue reading

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Deranged Dating: 536 And All That

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Best snap on a pair of rubber gloves because this is going to be a messy delve into an Anarchic Academic Admixture of Settled Science Spaghetti and Historic Hubris that’s liberally coated with Consensus Calibration Coulis. This Anarchic Academic Admixture … Continue reading

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Deranged Dating: IntCal13 and the Heinsohn Horizon

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The scientific hypothesis that is radiocarbon dating initially encountered significant market resistance in academia because radiocarbon measurements had a nasty habit of contradicting the “known” dates associated with historical artefacts. This market resistance dissolved when academia established the Settled Science … Continue reading

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Deranged Dating: The Slanted Science

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If you suspect that radiocarbon dating is really just one huge homogenised hodgepodge then it’s worth spending a few minutes getting acquainted with your academic adversary. If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result … Continue reading

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Deranged Dating: Cometary Carbon-14

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Earth Scientists apparently accept radiocarbon dating as the gospel truth. However, if the Settled Science that supports radiocarbon dating is really just one huge homogenised hodgepodge then acquiescent Earth Scientists are simply being misdirected and left to flounder in the … Continue reading

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Comet Halley and the Roman Time Line

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Back in May 2016 I attempted to reconcile the Old Japanese Cedar Tree Chronology with the mainstream Roman Time Line based upon the assumption that natural disasters were the underlying reasons for the collapse of the Roman Empire. The revised … Continue reading

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Close Encounters of the Cometary Kind

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Researchers trawling through the dusty corners of the Academic Archives primarily have to rely upon serendipity to provide them with break-through information. However, when serendipity strikes the results can be startling. Such was the case a few weeks ago when … Continue reading

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The Fold Up Beds of Glen Roy

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The Parallel Roads of Glen Roy are said to be a curious “geological puzzle” that the awfully clever Gradualist Geologists have solved by stating they are “a series of ice-dammed proglacial lake shorelines”. However, if these awfully clever Gradualist Geologists … Continue reading

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Dating the Dark Earth: The Cheapside Valentinian

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The countryside around Pitstone [Buckinghamshire] is generally described as “chalk grassland”. Pitstone Hill is a 22.9 hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Importance east of Pitstone in Buckinghamshire… The site is chalk grassland on a steeply sloping hill, with … Continue reading

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Shaping Scotland In Two Shakes

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Ancient maps are frequently held in high esteem for their artistic qualities. But many observers simply dismiss the content of these ancient maps because modern maps are very different and very accurate. These differences are particularly stark when [for example] … Continue reading

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Iceland Goes South

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The history of Iceland includes a curious Riches to Rags sub-plot which [beginning around the 16th century] transforms Iceland into “one of the poorest countries in Europe”. The Middle Ages The Icelandic Commonwealth lasted until the 13th century, when the … Continue reading

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The Red Score: Greenland Gold

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One of the more lustrous treasures found in Greenland is gold. Similarly, deposits of coal, diamonds, and many metals – including silver, nickel, platinum, copper, molybdenum, iron, niobium, tantalum, uranium, and rare earths – are known to exist, but not … Continue reading

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The Red Score: 96 Chieftains

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Whenever vacuous vestal virgins frantically run about in headless chicken mode it usually means some bad news has triggered their fight-or-flight response. If they also wave their arms about whilst bellowing Fake! Fraud! Fabricated! then they’ve received some really bad … Continue reading

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