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The Medieval Warm Period and The Heinsohn Horizon

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The Medieval Warm Period was originally proposed by Hubert Lamb in 1965. The Medieval Warm Period (MWP) is generally thought to have occurred from about AD 950–1250, during the European Middle Ages. In 1965 Hubert Lamb, one of the first … Continue reading

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Living in a Light Bulb

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WARNING – Adult Content If you are easily offended or emotionally attached to Settled Science, Solar Science and/or Climate Science then you are advised to change channels immediately. The good folk over at Watts Up With That? will provide you … Continue reading

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1366 And All That – The Secret History of Total Solar Irradiance

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Introduction The concept of a “solar constant” is firmly embedded [and frequently repeated] in the mainstream media: The solar constant includes all types of solar radiation, not just the visible light. Direct overhead sunlight at the top of the … Continue reading

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Inventions and Deceptions – Total Solar Irradiance

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The problem with Total Solar Irradiance [TSI] is two fold: Firstly: Scientists aren’t Climatologists. Secondly: Climatologists aren’t Scientists. Let me explain. Scientists have been happily using satellites since 1979 to measure Total Solar Irradiance. The current generation of measurements come … Continue reading

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Inventions and Deceptions – Only Solar Electromagnetic Radiation

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One of the deceptions deployed by post-normal science is that solar electromagnetic radiation is the only input into the Earth’s “energy budget”. Sunlight is evidently a very significant energy input: Sunlight, in the broad sense, is the total frequency spectrum … Continue reading

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