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The Atomic Comet: The Thorium Connection

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If you have long suspected the mainstream is being less than honest [or simply delusional] when they describe Comets as “dirty snowballs” or [more recently] “icy dirtballs” then you might be interested to discover Close Cometary Encounters are associated with … Continue reading

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Loch Ness Chronology: Getting to Grips with Gyttja

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The waters of Loch Ness fill a particularly steep sided chasm in the Great Glen of Scotland. Loch Ness lies along the Great Glen Fault, which forms a line of weakness in the rocks which has been excavated by … Continue reading

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1472: A Very Particular and Curious Comet

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The Comet of 1472 is a much maligned milestone in the annals of observational science simply because the master of St. Peter’s College [Cambridge] chronicled the comet’s precession as it decayed, diminished and [finally] disappeared whilst orbiting the Earth. On … Continue reading

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Elk Lake Varves

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A perennial problem confronting Chronology Compilers in the Earth Sciences are the years with double or triple [or more] layers caused by unseasonal periods of weather such as Indian Summers and Blackberry Winters. Undetected multiple layers turn a Gold Mine … Continue reading

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Thorium 230: Chinese Corals

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A primary objective of the Earth Sciences is the transformation of high-precision technical measurements into high quality scientific information. Sadly, performing basic reality checks on the raw data isn’t a priority objective. Nevertheless, these basic reality checks can be performed … Continue reading

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Carbon 14: Norwegian Blues

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A depressing aspect of some published papers is that they assiduously avoid analysing the raw data. Instead they plunge headlong into transmogrifying their raw data into Settled Science. This is regrettable because a simple reality check can provide some valuable … Continue reading

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Deranged Dating: Tamarack Pond Revisited

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Three weeks ago I began reviewing Dallas Abbott’s “seven discrete layers” from Tamarack Pond that had been dated using the magic carpet technique which is more commonly known as Radiocarbon Dating. We have found seven discrete layers in a bog … Continue reading

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Dallas Abbott: Adventures in Avalon

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Dallas Abbott’s adventures at the Atlantis Conference in 2005 appear to have been a natural pre-cursor to her subsequent Adventures in Avalon which began in the Black Rock Forest. Black Rock Forest is a 3,870-acre (15.7 km2 forest and biological … Continue reading

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The Fold Up Beds of Glen Roy

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The Parallel Roads of Glen Roy are said to be a curious “geological puzzle” that the awfully clever Gradualist Geologists have solved by stating they are “a series of ice-dammed proglacial lake shorelines”. However, if these awfully clever Gradualist Geologists … Continue reading

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