The Media & Mad Cows

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The anti-Trump Fake News blitz by the legacy media has invoked memories of the Mad Cow Disease epidemic amongst several new media commentators. Although these references are deployed for humorous effect it’s worth remembering that Mad Cow Disease is deadly … Continue reading

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Mark Blyth: Global Trumpism

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In a very straight talking interview Mark Blyth defines Global Trumpism as a “revolt against technocracy” and a “revolt against governance by unrepresented, unelected, undemocratic elites”. Well here is the thing. My side is very pro European, but I am … Continue reading

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Mark Blyth: Austerity

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I unimpressed by Economists who call a spade: A consumer durable that’s frequently deemed a minor capital investment because it significantly reduces labour costs by improving the efficiency of the human resources deployed to excavate, infill or move many forms … Continue reading

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Brian Gerrish: The Killing Regime

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If you feel that you are living in the midst of a Controlled Demolition of your nation then you might find the following talk by Brian Gerrish very interesting. One of the more disturbing aspects of the presentation is … Continue reading

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John Laughland: The Sovereign State

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John Laughland [amongst many other things] provides numerous insights into the slow [and systematic] subversion of the Sovereign State since the Second World War. John Laughland (born 6 September 1963) is a British eurosceptic conservative academic and author who writes … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking: Could…

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Back in the days of drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll I visited a locum dentist on a sunny August morning when I had a a loose filling. I’m not sure quiet which planet this locum dentist was from but … Continue reading

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Climate Change Obsession Syndrome

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The burnt-out shell of Grenfell Tower is a tragic testament to Failed Governance. This particular example of Failed Governance dates back to the early 1970s when vast swathes of London’s housing stock were ruthlessly demolished so they could be replaced … Continue reading

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Sick Government

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Governments on both sides of the Atlantic have sick Health Care Systems. In the United Kingdom they are trying to cure their Health Care System by emulating the United States with it’s “market-based healthcare system”. In 2009 the Tory MP … Continue reading

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Flipping Geology: Forgotten Friction

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Having established a mythology based upon Dante’s nine concentric circles of Hell the Earth Scientists then created a cornucopia of co-dependent concepts. One of their more fabulously creative constructs is the Rock Cycle. The rock cycle is a basic concept … Continue reading

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Flipping Geology: Exothermic Processes

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Earth Scientists have more than a few problems Settling the Science that’s embedded in their medieval mysticism. On the one hand: The Geothermal Gradient defined by the Earth Scientists has recently acquired an additional 5 °C per kilometre. In deep … Continue reading

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Flipping Geology: Walking on Sunshine

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The 21st century Earth Scientists have a problem with their medieval mysticism that defines nine concentric circles of Hell within the Earth. In the poem, Hell is depicted as nine concentric circles of torment located within the Earth; it is … Continue reading

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Flipping Geology: Dante’s Inferno

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Once upon a time, when I was knee high to a grasshopper, I was introduced to the delights of Religious Indoctrination. The indoctrination began at junior school where the teachers informed me [in no uncertain terms] that unless I started … Continue reading

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Eroding Time

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In the last 35 years the storage capacity of personal computers has grown exponentially. The common kilobyte became the magnificent megabyte and this was superseded by the glorious gigabyte. The ZX Spectrum was launched on 23 April 1982, priced at … Continue reading

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The Great Greenland Snow Job – 09 – Willi’s Wonky Wafers

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Willi Dansgaard’s moment of revelation occurred one cold crisp morning whilst chowing down on a stack of pancakes in Camp Century. See: Willi Dansgaard’s big idea was that a stack of pancakes becomes thinner when squashed. See: Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Between Scylla and Charybdis

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My introduction to British Politics was back in the days of black and white television. It wasn’t impressive then and it’s not impressive now. The choice then [as now] was between: The delusional Red Team and and the delusional Blue … Continue reading

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Ravenna Revisited: The Great Sack Race

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Once upon a time [long before the invention television, radio and the printing press] the Ecclesiastical News Network broadcast propaganda from the pulpit. Many of these propaganda productions have been embellished and immortalised by the creative writing skills of the … Continue reading

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Ravenna Revisited: The Deja Vu Dodo

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Foreword The good news for the Academic Acolytes is that their gainful employment is guaranteed in the short term because new discoveries must be careful shaped and retro-fitted onto the existing Etruscan Ecclesiastical Empire embroidery they call history. The bad … Continue reading

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Ravenna Revisited: A Byzantine Birth

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Success and growth are usually associated with organisational challenges. For the Etruscan Ecclesiastical Empire these challenges were especially interesting because whenever they acquired a new territory or culture they also acquired it’s history. Their greatest challenge was shaping and retro-fitting … Continue reading

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Ravenna Revisited: Triple Point

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Foreword The mainstream has a pathological predilection to prioritise “cock-up before conspiracy”. Hanlon’s razor is an aphorism expressed in various ways including “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity” or “Don’t assume bad intentions over neglect … Continue reading

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Ravenna Revisited: The Heinsohn Horizon

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The Greek Termination Event in 607 CE is characterised by earthquakes and flooding while the Heinsohn Horizon in 912 CE is characterised by heat, fire and dust. Based upon the mud that reached the height of the ground floor door … Continue reading

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