The Atomic Comet: A Velikovsky Vindication

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One of Immanuel Velikovsky’s more outrageous heresies contained within Worlds in Collision is the conclusion that Comet Venus was producing petroleum gases. Worlds in Collision is a book written by Immanuel Velikovsky and first published April 3, 1950. … The … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: The Great Snowball of 1950

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During the second half of the 20th century the dividing line between Science Fiction and Hard Science became increasingly blurred as innumerable inventions and pioneering products were forged in the white heat of a technological revolution. Even the quietest backwaters … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: The Thorium Connection

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If you have long suspected the mainstream is being less than honest [or simply delusional] when they describe Comets as “dirty snowballs” or [more recently] “icy dirtballs” then you might be interested to discover Close Cometary Encounters are associated with … Continue reading

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The Heinsohn Horizon and The Migration Period

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Gunnar Heinsohn very politely points out the 700 years between the 230s and 930s AD “have neither strata nor tree samples”. Therefore, some 700 years of the 1st millennium (230 to 930s) have neither strata nor tree samples for C14 … Continue reading

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The Silchester Mystery

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Archaeologists have learnt a lot about Roman Silchester [aka Calleva] in the last 125 years. Calleva, formally Calleva Atrebatum (“Calleva of the Atrebates”), was an Iron Age oppidum and subsequently a town in the Roman province of Britannia and the … Continue reading

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European Islands of Culture

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As the months tick by a few more pieces of the puzzle fall [roughly] into place regarding the reshaping of Northern Europe between the Arabian Horizon and Heinsohn Horizon. The remarkable geographic changes that occurred during this [roughly] 300 year … Continue reading

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Loch Ness Chronology: Getting to Grips with Gyttja

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The waters of Loch Ness fill a particularly steep sided chasm in the Great Glen of Scotland. Loch Ness lies along the Great Glen Fault, which forms a line of weakness in the rocks which has been excavated by … Continue reading

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Loch Ness Chronology: Cherry Island

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Delving into the Settled Science of Loch Ness is a strangely surreal and murky experience. The history of scientific investigation really starts at the beginning of the 20th century. The status of Loch Ness as Britain’s greatest body of fresh-water … Continue reading

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1472: A Very Particular and Curious Comet

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The Comet of 1472 is a much maligned milestone in the annals of observational science simply because the master of St. Peter’s College [Cambridge] chronicled the comet’s precession as it decayed, diminished and [finally] disappeared whilst orbiting the Earth. On … Continue reading

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Elk Lake Varves

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A perennial problem confronting Chronology Compilers in the Earth Sciences are the years with double or triple [or more] layers caused by unseasonal periods of weather such as Indian Summers and Blackberry Winters. Undetected multiple layers turn a Gold Mine … Continue reading

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Thorium 230: Chinese Corals

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A primary objective of the Earth Sciences is the transformation of high-precision technical measurements into high quality scientific information. Sadly, performing basic reality checks on the raw data isn’t a priority objective. Nevertheless, these basic reality checks can be performed … Continue reading

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The Miocene Mysteries

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If you prefer your history and geology neatly packaged as pre-digested nuggets of politically correct information that are easily swallowed [like supermarket ready meals] then it’s probably best that you stop reading now and return to your preferred internet safe … Continue reading

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Lost in Academia: Periplus of the Erythraean Sea

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A perennial problem for academics is the inevitable loss of information and subtlety that occurs when a source document is translated from [say] ancient Greek into modern English. Sadly, unscrupulous academics have weaponised this Lost in Translation artefact to deliberately … Continue reading

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Crashing Carthage

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This story starts out very slowly and then snowballs into something much, much bigger. The best place to start is the Guadalquivir river. The Guadalquivir river is named after the “great valley” it flows through. This seems back-to front. I’m … Continue reading

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Mosaico de los Amores

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The Mosaico de los Amores positively confirms A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever. However, historians aren’t always overjoyed when A Thing of Beauty is unearthed. Once upon a time Cástulo was a prospering city associated with lead and … Continue reading

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Carbon 14: Norwegian Blues

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A depressing aspect of some published papers is that they assiduously avoid analysing the raw data. Instead they plunge headlong into transmogrifying their raw data into Settled Science. This is regrettable because a simple reality check can provide some valuable … Continue reading

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1969: Days of Peace & Music and War & Death

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The tumultuous history of the 1960s is set against a backdrop of the escalating Vietnam War and Cold War tensions. The Vietnam War, also known as the Second Indochina War, and known in Vietnam as the Resistance War Against America … Continue reading

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John Bull’s Balls [and Chains]

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In 1965 a callow youth left a grey Britain on a 24hrs-with-stops adventure “across the British Empire” aboard a Bristol Britannia turboprop airliner that cruised at a stately 357 miles per hour. In those days propeller powered airliners provided [relatively] … Continue reading

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732 AD and All That – A Belief System Cocktail

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In my teenage years I learnt that Mixing My Drinks was a very bad idea. In later life I added Mixing Belief Systems to my list of very bad ideas. Therefore, it’s no surprise I consider it in very poor … Continue reading

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Richard North: Unmitigated Dross

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Throughout my adult lifetime there has been a Propaganda War raging in the United Kingdom over British involvement in the European Economic Community and it’s subsequent stealthy evolution into the European Community which then morphed into the undemocratic and dysfunctional … Continue reading

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