Ken L. Wheeler – The Missing Secrets Of Magnetism


If you are looking for fresh insights and a deeper understanding of life, the universe and everything then now is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with Ken Wheeler.

If you are sitting comfortably then the following couple of videos will give you a fairly gentle introduction to the Missing Secrets Of Magnetism.

Simply click on the images to watch the YouTube videos.




If you prefer reading, or require more information, then Ken Wheeler has produced a 236 page PDF file which can be downloaded for free:

Uncovering The Missing Secrets Of Magnetism
Exploring the nature of Magnetism, with regards to the true model of atomic geometry and field mechanics by means of rational physics & logic
Ken Lee Wheeler
3rd Edition September 25 2014

And if you need more encouragement to consider the ideas of Ken Wheeler then perhaps his experiments with Plant Growth and a Crookes Radiometer will grab your attention.

Again, simply click on the images to watch the YouTube videos.



And, unsurprisingly, Ken Wheeler has a whole lot more to say…




Enjoy life, the universe and everything

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  2. Caroline says:

    Awesome book. I read it and yes need to reread it. Has lots of pictures and photos. Is there a fourth edition. The one i got is 2014 3rd edition bought off amazon.

  3. Александр Хажакян says:

    Thanks for your video. Take a look my site with the same concept. I did more then 90 films!

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