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Eradicating Termites with the Stroke of a Pen

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When I read Piers Corbyn’s [very much tongue-in-cheek] question Will there be a War on Ants little did I know that the the EPA had already eradicated termite CO2 emissions from their “greenhouse gas emissions inventory” and that the mainstream … Continue reading

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Back To The 1970s

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Times are changing and people are beginning to set their watches back by about 40 years. For example, Labour Participation Rates in the US are back to levels last seen in the 1970s. Officially, the Inflation Adjusted Average Hourly … Continue reading

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Chris Hedges: War, Propaganda & the Enemy Within

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Chris Hedges is an American journalist who spent nearly two decades as a foreign correspondent in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans. Christopher Lynn “Chris” Hedges (born September 18, 1956) is an American journalist, activist, author, and … Continue reading

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A Casualty of Climate Change Chicanery?

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Tony Abbott became the 28th Prime Minister of Australia on 18 September 2013 but his tenure as Prime Minister was short lived because on 14 September 2015 he was defeated in a vote for the Liberal leadership and ceded the … Continue reading

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Demonising Diesel

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Motor manufactures have been Limbo Dancing for over 20 years as the EPA has repeatedly lowered the emissions bar until it has reached unrealistic, unnecessary and counter productive levels. Faced with “increasingly unattainable standards” some manufacturers decided to “cheat”. At … Continue reading

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Richard Stallman: The Four Freedoms

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Richard Stallman is the father of the Free Software movement who now spends “most of his time in political advocacy for free software, and spreading the ethical ideas of the movement, as well as campaigning against both software patents and … Continue reading

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Will There be a War on Ants?

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Piers Corbyn once again introduces some perspective and sanity into the CO2 Climate Change debate. THE CASE AGAINST MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE IS SIMPLE – IN 3 KEY ARGUMENTS:- 1. There is no evidence now and there never has been … Continue reading

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