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Alaskan Muck: Prime Suspects

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In the blame game the prime suspects are usually eliminated [one-by-one] from the investigation until a neatly packaged single actor scenario is revealed such as “Miss Scarlett” in the “Conservatory” with the “Dagger”. Advertisements

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Eric P. Dollard: Revival of the Science of Electricity

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Has the science of electricity been defiled?

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Fire and Brimstone

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Some academic topics are edited to remove anything shocking, electrifying or illuminating while other topics are cynically manipulated to support false fire-and-brimstone narratives.

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Fiery Trigons: Fire Birds

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There is one abiding mystery associated with Johannes Kepler’s Fiery Trigons.

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Fiery Trigons: 3rd Millennium Prognosis

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Esoteric astrology and modern astronomy are combined to create a long range weather forecast.

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Fiery Trigons: 1st Millennium Diagnosis

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Can Johannes Kepler’s esoteric astrology provide 1st millennium insights?

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Fiery Trigons: Great Conjunctions

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Could Kepler’s chart contain the key to climate cycles?

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Fiery Trigons: Kepler’s Supernova

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Serendipity supplies a surprise solution to the daytime sightings of Venus mystery.

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Yi Tae-jin Treasure

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Louis Hissink has unearthed a treasure chest stuffed full of precious observational data that was analysed and aggregated by Yi Tae-jin [College of Humanities, Seoul National University].

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Hecker Horizon: Enter The Dragon

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Sometimes spreadsheets supply several shocks.

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Electric Universe: Spinning Up Gravity

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Last month Miles Mathis mauled [amongst others] the Electric Universe movement. They hook you by admitting what you already know: the upper levels of the mainstream are composed of a bunch of liars and frauds, and textbook physics is little … Continue reading

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Louis Hissink: Medusa and Venus

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Human traditions of mighty celestial snakes or serpents in the sky wreaking havoc and destruction on the Earth’s surface remain inexplicable, principally because any geological features that could be associated with these heavenly prodigies are believed to be absent. Absent … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: Electric Epilogue

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A few weeks ago I was encouraged to remember: Velikovsky gave us “The Electric Universe”. I have no problem with the underlying sentiments expressed in those words of encouragement. However, I do have a few problems regarding their accuracy. Problem … Continue reading

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Plate Tectonics versus Earth Expansion – A Gravity Problem by Louis Hissink

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The Plate Tectonic model dominates mainstream geology and science. It is based on the cosmological model of: ■ An initial state of nothingness which then exploded as the LeMaitre-Gamow Cosmic Big Bang Event when T=0, (time) ■ Some time afterwards … Continue reading

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Indian Impacts: Thunderbolts of the Gods

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The catastrophes of the 2nd half of the 1st millennium are etched into the history and culture of India. One of the more important cultural artefact that survived these catastrophic events was the “encyclopedic” knowledge base known as the Puranas. … Continue reading

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Indian Impacts: Diamonds of the Gods

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Geology is a very ambivalent belief system. On the one hand: The discovery of stishovite at the Kachchh (Luna) site in India has helped convinced some geologists they’re dealing with an meteorite impact even though the dimple doesn’t display the … Continue reading

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Indian Impacts: Hammerhead Geology by Louis Hissink

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Last century a British astronomer, Fred Hoyle, remarked that one of the reasons scientific problems persist was because the scientists involved tended only to think with one or two ideas, and in geology that idea was and remains Lyellian Uniformitarianism … Continue reading

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Indian Impacts: The Hole Story

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The huge gaping holes in the Indian historical narratives present the independent researcher with a few challenges. Firstly, the mainstream is coy and coquettish whenever the conversation turns to Indian craters. Secondly, they’re tight lipped and evasive when the evidence … Continue reading

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Close Encounters of the Cometary Kind

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Researchers trawling through the dusty corners of the Academic Archives primarily have to rely upon serendipity to provide them with break-through information. However, when serendipity strikes the results can be startling. Such was the case a few weeks ago when … Continue reading

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The Red Score: The Deluge

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The Deluge section of the Red Score is the remarkably powerful history of the Lenape people being “driven from their homes” to live huddled together in “hollow houses” whilst a murderous “mighty snake” brings devastating “rushing waters” that flow “between … Continue reading

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