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Plate Tectonics versus Earth Expansion – A Gravity Problem by Louis Hissink

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The Plate Tectonic model dominates mainstream geology and science. It is based on the cosmological model of: ■ An initial state of nothingness which then exploded as the LeMaitre-Gamow Cosmic Big Bang Event when T=0, (time) ■ Some time afterwards … Continue reading

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Sinking Settled Science

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It’s difficult to keep the Ship of Settled Science afloat when it’s holed below the waterline. This probably explains why so much of Settled Science is bilge. The bilge is the lowest compartment on a ship, below the waterline, where … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Electricity

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The first edition of the textbook Physics of the Air by W. J. Humphreys was published in 1920 with a second edition appearing in 1929 and the third [and final] edition appearing in 1940. William Jackson Humphreys (February 3, 1862 … Continue reading

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Brownian Motion – In-coherent Science

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Welcome to the weird and wacky world of In-coherent Science. The history of In-coherent Science can be traced back to the early years of the 20th century when the motion picture business was in its infancy. Around the turn of … Continue reading

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Brownian Billiard Balls

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Lucretius described Brownian Motion as “tiny bodies” mingling “in many ways all through the empty space” in On the Nature of Things over 2,000 years ago. For look closely, whenever rays are let in and pour the sun’s light through … Continue reading

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Betting on the Weather

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With friends and family flying out from the UK over the last few days it would be fair to say I was hoping for good weather. On the other hand, Piers Corbyn over at was predicting “feet of snow” … Continue reading

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A Christmas Recipe for Snow

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Flicking through Mrs Beeton’s Book of Planetary Management I chanced upon a delightful and fun Christmas Recipe for Snow on page 101. The wonder of this Christmas Recipe for Snow is that Mrs Beeton has simply, but magically, adapted her … Continue reading

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The Big Pineapple

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Many moons ago my father was born on a pineapple farm near Brisbane in Queensland, Australia and like a pineapple he was prickly, difficult to hug and really sweet on the inside. Among the many gifts bestowed upon me by … Continue reading

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As Above So Below – Georgi Gladyshev

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The pioneering cosmology of Georgi Gladyshev [originally published in 1977] embodies the concept of As Above, So Below by explicitly stating that “Liesegang’s theory of periodic condensation can be used to explain the empirical Titius-Bode rule of planetary distances”. Physicochemical … Continue reading

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Miles Mathis – The Fourth Phase of Water

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Miles Mathis has produced a very interesting paper about Gerald Pollack’s latest book. I recently read (parts of) Gerald Pollack’s book The Fourth Phase of Water, and wish to comment extensively. That is Pollack in the picture above. He is … Continue reading

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99% of Your Molecules are Water

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Settled Science has some very strange fixations about water and mass. A classic example of these fixations is the headline statement made by Wikipedia that the average male body is “approximately 60% water” by weight. By weight, the average human … Continue reading

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Four “New” Principles of Nature

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Dr. Gerald Pollack The Pollack laboratory I have the utmost respect for Dr Gerald Pollack because he uses the scientific method. In these chapters I have tried to reverse this trend. I have returned to the traditional way of … Continue reading

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The Fourth Phase of Water – Dr. Gerald Pollack

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Published 2013; Illustrated; 357 pages – $25.46 A fantastic voyage through water, revealing a hidden universe teeming with physical activity and providing answers so simple that any curious person can understand. Sample chapters: [PDF format – 7,166 KB] reading

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Dr. Gerald Pollack: The Fourth Phase of Water

Gerald Pollack – This paper largely comprises a draft chapter of my forthcoming book, The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid and Vapor (Ebner and Sons, 2012). I preface it by providing some background. School children learn that water … Continue reading

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