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The Classical Latin Continuity Kludge

This gallery contains 41 photos.

Roman Authors unravel an Etruscan enigma, a Punic puzzle, and the Roman riddle.

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Welsh with a Pinch of Punic

This gallery contains 11 photos.

Roman History is linked to two literary disappearances.

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Old Iberians in Oklahoma

This gallery contains 18 photos.

A real song and dance is made about old Iberians in Oklahoma!

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British Bones and the Academic Abyss

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¿ Can British Bones put Roman Britain in it’s place ?

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The Riddle of the Goodwin Sands

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Piecing together the narrative of the Goodwin Sands back to Roman Times highlights several questions New School Scholars studiously sidestep.

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Charles Lyell’s Humbug

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If Charles Lyell is considered the father of uniformitarianism then it’s safe to say it was conceived out of wedlock.

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An Ancient Vessel

This gallery contains 14 photos.

Account of an ancient Vessel found under the old bed of the river Rother in Kent

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Geological Rot

This gallery contains 33 photos.

¿Is it time to lop lots of lovely noughts off the Earth’s age?

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