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Hecker Horizon: Eclipse Canon

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The Hecker Horizon narrative suggests the Earth likes to rock and roll and that gradualism is more akin to domestic science than hard science. Advertisements

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Hecker Horizon: Triple Conjunction

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It’s amazing what you find down the back of the sofa when you rummage through the dustier corners of the academic archives.

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Comet Halley Calendar

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Researching the Gregorian Calendar Reforms involves a journey into the mire of mainstream medieval manuscripts and academic assertions that so inspired J R R Tolkien when he was a Professor of Anglo-Saxon between 1925 and 1945. Venturing into this swamp … Continue reading

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The Coligny Five Year Yuga

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Tracking down a solution for a calendar riddle wrapped up in an enigma is not something that happens everyday. The riddle wrapped up in an enigma is the 2nd century AD Coligny Calendar that contains 62 lunar months spread over … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: Electric Epilogue

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A few weeks ago I was encouraged to remember: Velikovsky gave us “The Electric Universe”. I have no problem with the underlying sentiments expressed in those words of encouragement. However, I do have a few problems regarding their accuracy. Problem … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: On The Far Side

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Following the Terrestrial Thorium line of enquiry to the Far Side of the Moon very rapidly becomes a fascinating journey to the Far Side as the Settled Science turns to dust and this independent observer is led to conclude the … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: Sea of Showers

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One of the more surprising lines of enquiry into the origins of Terrestrial Thorium is the esoteric narrative of the Thorium enriched KREEP deposits on the Nearside of the Moon. The remarkably unbalanced distribution of Lunar Thorium mirrors the equally … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: Neutron Bombs

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According to Astronomers Comet Halley is a Dirty Snowball that is illuminated by reflected Sunlight and glowing Gases that have been ionised by Sunlight. Both the coma and tail are illuminated by the Sun and may become visible when a … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: The Ionization Enigma

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A strange aspect of the Space Age is it’s failure to enlighten the dark recesses of astronomy. For example: The standard explanation for the light emitted by comets has remained constant for over 100 years. The light of the comet … Continue reading

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The Three Strikes Law

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The Three Strikes Law suggests habitual offenders should receive harsher treatment. In the United States, habitual offender laws (commonly referred to as three-strikes laws) are statutes enacted by state governments which mandate courts to impose harsher sentences on those convicted … Continue reading

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Neal Adams: 02 – The Growing Moon

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Neal Adams also utilises his graphical skills to animate the Growing Moon. See: Topography of the near side (left) and far side (right) of moon. On the map white and red colors represent high terrains and blue and purple … Continue reading

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Isotopic Tree Thermometers and The Heinsohn Horizon

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In 1976 Leona Libby introduced the world to Isotopic Tree Thermometers. Libby showed that the atmospheric ratio of stable hydrogen and oxygen isotopes is preserved in tree-rings and demonstrated that this isotopic ratio is determined by atmospheric temperatures [at the … Continue reading

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Heinsohn and The Eclipse Record

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R. R. Newton [amongst other things] analysed historic eclipse records to develop an understanding of the Earth’s rotation over the last two thousand years. Robert Russell Newton, also R. R. Newton (July 7, 1918 – June 2, 1991) was an … Continue reading

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Lost Lunar Librations

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The casual observer could anticipate that the Moon would display some irregular movements as its buffeted by the variable Solar Wind [and the associated Interplanetary Magnetic Field]. This should be especially true when its moving against the flow of the … Continue reading

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The Clockwork Moon

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The orbital velocity of the Moon is a curious beast. From a Heliocentric perspective the Moon and the Earth are orbiting the Sun with exactly the same average velocity. However, the orbital speed of the Moon varies as it weaves … Continue reading

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Liesegang Cavities: 5 – Antipodal Hotspot

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Mainstream Earth Scientists tend to view Hotspots as “anomalously hot”. In geology, the places known as hotspots or hot spots are volcanic regions thought to be fed by underlying mantle that is anomalously hot compared with the surrounding mantle. They … Continue reading

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Liesegang Cavities: 2 – The Ringing Moon

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The beauty of Georgi Gladyshev’s Liesegang Cosmology is that a small nodule of agate [which contains a central cavity i.e. a geode] is a natural As Above – So Below analogue for a silica planet. The Agate Analogue for the … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Layers

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Mainstream descriptions of the Earth’s atmosphere tend to focus upon five nebulous atmospheric layers and a table of atmospheric gases which suggests Nitrogen [at 78.084%] is the dominant gas. These mainstream overviews conveniently omit details Settled Science wants to … Continue reading

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New Light Through Old Plates

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In the Space Age the Space Cadets provide a wealth of high resolution solar images [in a whole range of sizes and eye catching colours] snapped by satellites circling somewhere above our sometimes sunny skies. A rainbow of lunar transits … Continue reading

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The Solar Eclipse Perception Problem

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It is generally known that the faint Solar Corona can be observed during a Solar Eclipse. A total eclipse occurs when the dark silhouette of the Moon completely obscures the intensely bright light of the Sun, allowing the much fainter … Continue reading

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