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Ptolemy’s Paradigm: Aftermath

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Ptolemy’s Paradigm demystifies the The Crisis of the Late Middle Ages.

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Ptolemy’s Paradigm: Antarctic Alignment

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Deuterium leads, CO2 lags, Cape Horn goes North, and Iceland goes South.

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Cape Bojador and The Inflating Earth

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If you place dogma before data then it’s best you go watch some more TV.

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Alaskan Muck: Windy Dome Ice Core

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The ice in Franz Josef Land [also] only dates back to the Heinsohn Horizon.

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Mendenhall Glacier

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The blue ice of Mendenhall has produced more than it’s fair share of red faces.

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Getting to Grips with Greenland

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One of the murkier mysteries in the land of maths and models is why the ice in Iceland is 1,100 years old whilst in neighbouring Greenland the ice is said to be 1,000,000 years old.

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Iceland’s Ice

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It’s not hard to guess that Iceland is icy. The clue, after all, is in the name. But guessing the age of Iceland’s ice is more challenging.

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Monte Rosa and the Comets

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Modelling the real world is a very real challenge. Relying upon any real world model is inherently risky because mathematical models can be more magical than meaningful. This is especially true in the Earth Sciences.

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Carbon 14: Norwegian Blues

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A depressing aspect of some published papers is that they assiduously avoid analysing the raw data. Instead they plunge headlong into transmogrifying their raw data into Settled Science. This is regrettable because a simple reality check can provide some valuable … Continue reading

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Flipping Geology: Walking on Sunshine

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The 21st century Earth Scientists have a problem with their medieval mysticism that defines nine concentric circles of Hell within the Earth. In the poem, Hell is depicted as nine concentric circles of torment located within the Earth; it is … Continue reading

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The Frisland Finesse: A Tale of Two Islands

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The Frisland Finesse is a few short sentences of duplicitous doublespeak originally concocted by the Divine Right Diviners and merrily endorsed [with a sly chuckle] by the Mainstream Hoax Meisters. Frisland, also called Frischlant, Friesland, Frislandia, or Fixland, is a … Continue reading

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Finding Frisland

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The Zeno Map [claimed to have been drafted in the 1390s] was first published in 1558. The Zeno map is a map of the North Atlantic first published in 1558 in Venice by Nicolo Zeno, a descendant of Nicolo Zeno, … Continue reading

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Iceland Goes South

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The history of Iceland includes a curious Riches to Rags sub-plot which [beginning around the 16th century] transforms Iceland into “one of the poorest countries in Europe”. The Middle Ages The Icelandic Commonwealth lasted until the 13th century, when the … Continue reading

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The Red Score: The Baffin Crucible

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Patricia Sutherland is an archaeologist who makes judgements based upon the “evidence offered”. In temperate North America numerous finds have been proposed as evidence of a Norse presence, but none aside from L’Anse aux Meadows has achieved general scholarly acceptance. … Continue reading

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The Red Score: Tin Talks

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The history of Iceland has a Discredited Documents and Anomalous Artefacts problem. That Nordic island was not colonized by Europeans before the 9th c., and, yet, it has Roman coins covered by dark earth: The coin of Probus [conventionally 276-282; … Continue reading

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