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Methane Myopia: 7 – Miles Mathis

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A critique of mainstream theory by Miles Mathis is always a joy a read and his latest offering is a scorcher: The Great Methane Stink. Reading Miles Mathis’s magnificent mauling of mainstream mythology is a wonder to behold and underlines … Continue reading

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Methane Myopia: 6 – Space Science

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Space science is the quintessential post-normal science that seeks to answer the ultimate questions of life, the universe and everything. Space science is [also] a puzzling riddle that combines facts and heuristics with a liberal sprinkling of falsehoods, half-truths and … Continue reading

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Methane Myopia: 5 – Ice Core Science

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Glaciology is a slippery science. Glaciology is the study of glaciers, or more generally ice and natural phenomena that involve ice. Glaciology is an interdisciplinary earth science that integrates geophysics, geology, physical geography, geomorphology, climatology, meteorology, hydrology, biology, and ecology. … Continue reading

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Methane Myopia: 4 – Pobiti Kamani

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Pobiti Kamani is one of the many natural wonders of the world. It’s also an embarrassing natural wonder that most geologists prefer not to talk about. It is so embarrassing that it’s necessary to describe the spectacular Pobiti Kamani formations … Continue reading

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Methane Myopia: 3 – Earth Science

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Diving into the murky waters of the Earth Sciences usually provides me with some entertainment [and a few laughs] during my researches. Researching methane has been no different. There are some wonderful nuggets of information buried in a mountain of … Continue reading

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Methane Myopia: 2 – Energy Science

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The science of methane is very political because there are large reserves of natural gas [which are being actively harvested] and massive reserves of gas hydrates [which are not being harvested] which could transform the world economy. Natural gas is … Continue reading

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Methane Myopia: 1 – Political Science

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Methane is a political gas [just like Carbon Dioxide and Ozone] that generates significant revenue for mainstream post-normal science. Methane is a chemical compound with the chemical formula CH4 (one atom of carbon and four atoms of hydrogen). It is … Continue reading

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