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Ptolemy’s Paradigm

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Ptolemy’s Paradigm provides pesky problems with simple solutions.

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Parting Pacific Pottery

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This is a simple tale of broken pottery and shattered Settled Science. The story is so simple it can be understood by children [and Earth Scientists on a good day]. The narrative’s central theme is that ancient humans [and other … Continue reading

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Gloger’s Rule: 4 – Turning the World on its Side

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In the previous posting it became apparent that the continents migrated on an inflating Earth – not the people. This conclusion is further reinforced when reconciling [see the example illustration above]: 1) Human skin colour distribution 2) Human mitochondrial DNA … Continue reading

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Gloger’s Rule: 3 – Human Migration

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Previous postings regarding Gloger’s Rule have examined the mainstream confusion regarding this concept and looked at the mainstream denial of our African origins about 200,000 years ago. The posting will start to piece together a holistic view of history and … Continue reading

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Gloger’s Rule: 2 – Homo Sapiens

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The previous posting on Gloger’s Rule concluded: 1. The concept has not been well tested. 2. Limited testing has yielded mixed results. The concept, therefore, should be downgraded to become: Gloger’s Rule-of-Thumb Prolonged exposure to strong sunlight results in heavy … Continue reading

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Gloger’s Rule: 1 – Warm Blooded Animals

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Initially, I assumed fact checking Gloger’s Rule would be a simple, straightforward task. That naive assumption was quickly dispelled as the reference materials I consulted plunged me headlong into a quagmire of preference, prejudice, propaganda and political correctness. Separating fact … Continue reading

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