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Dendrochronology – The MAD Carbon-14 Consensus

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In 1982 Dendrochronology and Radiocarbon Dating reached a Carbon-14 calibration consensus based upon a Bristlecone Pine chronology. Introduction It is now quite generally accepted that “conventional” radiocarbon dates need to be “calibrated” because of temporal variations in the radiocarbon content … Continue reading

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Dendrochronology: Death and Double Counting

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Dendrochronology is stuck in a curious philosophical time warp because it believes “the present is the key to the past”. Principles of Dendrochronology – The Uniformitarian Principle This principle states that physical and biological processes that link current environmental processes … Continue reading

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Dendrochronology: The Plasticine Effect

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The problem with dendrochronologists is that they never know when to stop. Every gap they encounter is a challenge that must be bridged. Every floating chronology is an orphan waiting to be crossmatched. Unfortunately, dendrochronologists haven’t read a Bridge Too … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Missing Oak Trees

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Digging deeper into the opaque world of dendrochronology is a strange “scientific” experience because dendrochronologists tend to be a rather secretive bunch of Chronology Oracles. A Hamburg dendrochronologist responded to my request for recent literature in December, 1994: today sequences … Continue reading

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Lacunar Amnesia in Dendrochronology

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The origins of dendrochronology can be traced back to 1894. A. E. (Andrew Ellicott) Douglass (July 5, 1867, Windsor, Vermont – March 20, 1962, Tucson, Arizona) was an American astronomer. He discovered a correlation between tree rings and the sunspot … Continue reading

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Lacunar Amnesia in Archaeology

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Salzburg is a beautiful city which can even be visually appreciated by archaeologists suffering from Lacunar Amnesia. Salzburg is the fourth-largest city in Austria and the capital of the federal state of Salzburg. Salzburg’s “Old Town” (Altstadt) is internationally renowned … Continue reading

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Lacunar Amnesia in Academia

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A lacuna is [amongst other things] a gap or unfilled space. lacuna 1. An unfilled space; a gap: Lacunar Amnesia is a type of amnesia that leaves a lacuna in the memory. Lacunar amnesia is the loss of memory … Continue reading

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A Not So Funny Thing Happened…

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Evaluating Ewald Ernst’s statement that Rome was engulfed by a “cataclysm” in 234 CE is an intriguing journey that picks its way through the triage of the Settled History of Rome. In reality, the destruction of the aqueducts happened swiftly, … Continue reading

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Friends, Romans, Countrymen…

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Gunnar Heinsohn really rattled the cage of the gentlefolk who inhabit the world of Settled History when he observed that the history of the 1st millennium is only supported by 300 years worth of archaeology. Interestingly, the invention of 700 … Continue reading

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Science: The Eighth Pillar

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An intriguing article in The Unz Review by Robert Bonomo identifies the “seven pillars” of society that create “homo domesticus”. The methodology for creating this exceptionally loyal and obedient modern breed, homo domesticus, can be described as having seven pillars … Continue reading

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Rebranding Einstein

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The Einstein Franchise hit the big time after World War II when Einstein’s portrait appeared on the cover of Time magazine in July 1946. The background imagery of the magazine cover has the equation E = mc2 embossed on a … Continue reading

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The Clockwork Universe

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The philosophical and practical problems associated with Newtonian Gravity are simply stunning: 1) Newtonian Gravity has no mechanism and relies upon a magical action at a distance. 2) Newtonian Gravity somehow travels “instantaneously” throughout the universe. 3) Newtonian Gravity travelling … Continue reading

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The Speed of Gravity

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Sir Isaac Newton’s great gravity gift [that keeps on giving] has enabled mainstream science to retreat from reality by jettisoning mechanics. Sir Isaac Newton’s great gravity gift has also allowed mainstream science to warmly embrace the magical concept of action … Continue reading

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Hasok Chang: The Boiling Point Myth

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Hasok Chang [now working in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge] is a philosopher who actually repeats experiments performed centuries ago. His experimentation [with boiling water] has revealed [the once common scientific knowledge] that explaining the … Continue reading

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US Standard Atmosphere Supplements 1966

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By chance I stumbled across the remarkable US Standard Atmosphere Supplements 1966 documentation which contains a few surprises. The first surprise was that the Second Isopycnic Level discovered by Allen Cole in 1961 was explicitly identified in the US … Continue reading

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Science: Spin and the Spike

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In the mainstream media articles are spiked by editors and withheld from publication. In journalistic parlance, spiking refers to withholding a story from publication… Editing is the process of selecting and preparing written, visual, audible and film media used … Continue reading

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The Great Unwashed and the Greater British Bath

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The English language enshrines the great English tradition of social division by providing a rich vocabulary for expressing the divide between an elite us and a disparaged them. English academia, with its strong elitist traditions, nurtured and enriched this vocabulary … Continue reading

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