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Deranged Dating: In a Nutshell

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The underlying rationale that underpins Radiocarbon Calibration is the assertion that “tree rings” provide “a sequence of securely dated samples”. Construction of a curve To produce a curve that can be used to relate calendar years to radiocarbon years, a … Continue reading

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Deranged Dating: 536 And All That

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Best snap on a pair of rubber gloves because this is going to be a messy delve into an Anarchic Academic Admixture of Settled Science Spaghetti and Historic Hubris that’s liberally coated with Consensus Calibration Coulis. This Anarchic Academic Admixture … Continue reading

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Deranged Dating: The Big Picture

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Whenever I was dragged off to the cinema to see the greatest story ever told I was always surprised when the trailers informed me I was about to disappointed because the real greatest story ever told was actually coming to … Continue reading

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Deranged Dating: Science To Dye For

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Atmospheric Carbon-14 and Beryllium-10 are cosmogenic nuclides created by high-energy phenomena such as cosmic rays and nuclear explosions with other contributions probably coming from lightning and the burning up of meteoric material. Cosmogenic nuclides (or cosmogenic isotopes) are rare isotopes … Continue reading

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Deranged Dating: IntCal13 and the Heinsohn Horizon

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The scientific hypothesis that is radiocarbon dating initially encountered significant market resistance in academia because radiocarbon measurements had a nasty habit of contradicting the “known” dates associated with historical artefacts. This market resistance dissolved when academia established the Settled Science … Continue reading

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Deranged Dating: The Slanted Science

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If you suspect that radiocarbon dating is really just one huge homogenised hodgepodge then it’s worth spending a few minutes getting acquainted with your academic adversary. If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result … Continue reading

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Deranged Dating: Cometary Carbon-14

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Earth Scientists apparently accept radiocarbon dating as the gospel truth. However, if the Settled Science that supports radiocarbon dating is really just one huge homogenised hodgepodge then acquiescent Earth Scientists are simply being misdirected and left to flounder in the … Continue reading

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Iceland Goes South

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The history of Iceland includes a curious Riches to Rags sub-plot which [beginning around the 16th century] transforms Iceland into “one of the poorest countries in Europe”. The Middle Ages The Icelandic Commonwealth lasted until the 13th century, when the … Continue reading

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The Arabian Horizon: The Dry Deluge

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The origin of Saharan Sand is one of life’s great mysteries. Sand is the result of finely weathered and eroded rock. It takes tens of thousands, if not millions, of years for exposed rock to weather into sand. The longer … Continue reading

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The Arabian Horizon: The Big Chill

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Leona Libby’s Isotopic Tree Thermometers was published 40 years ago. Her paper was extraordinary in many ways. Firstly, Leona Libby applied an objective scientific methodology to dendrochronology. Long term isotope changes in precipitation, caused by changes in climatic temperatures, are … Continue reading

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EU Noxious Emissions

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In September 2015 the mainstream media revelled in the Settled Science Spectacular known as the “VW Scandal” [aka Dieselgate]. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the “VW Scandal” is that the EPA isn’t complaining about it’s favourite bogeymen: Sulphur, Ozone … Continue reading

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Milo Yiannopoulos: Social Justice is Cancer

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Milo Yiannopoulos is [amongst many other things] a senior editor for Breitbart. Milo Yiannopoulos (born 18 October 1983) is a British journalist and entrepreneur. Yiannopoulos founded The Kernel, an online tabloid magazine about technology, which he sold to Daily Dot … Continue reading

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Lawler Alignments – The Galactic Tide

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329 years after Principia was first published the Antiquated Academics are still peddling Newton’s universal law of magical mathematical mass. A specialised sect of Antiquated Academics [affectionately known as the Arcane Astronomers] believe galactic tides [“in the direction of the … Continue reading

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Lawler Alignments – Galactic Roller Coaster

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WARNING If you like your Science Settled or your History served with a thick Gradualist Gloss then you should stop reading now and retreat to your preferred Safe Space. Early in the 17th century Galileo Galilei discovered the Milky Way … Continue reading

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Ian Plimer: Not For The Greens

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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, in the Green Corner, the caped crusaders fighting for climate justice and A New American Dark Age. In a move spearheaded by environmentalists, the Portland Public Schools board unanimously approved a resolution aimed at eliminating … Continue reading

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The Wroxeter Chronicles: A British Pompeii

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There are several “curious” similarities between Pompeii and Viroconium [aka Uriconium]. Pompeii was an ancient Roman town-city near modern Naples, in the Campania region of Italy, in the territory of the comune of Pompei. Pompeii, along with Herculaneum and many … Continue reading

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The Heinsohn Horizon and The Nice Model

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Leona Libby’s Old Japanese Cedar provides a wealth of very surprising information. For example: The Old Japanese Cedar indicates the Heinsohn Horizon established, for planet Earth, a background climate oscillation with a periodicity of about 54 years which has since … Continue reading

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The Heinsohn Heartbeat and The Gregorian Calendar

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The twilight realm of Archaeoastronomy is a Gradualist belief system that makes an extraordinary claim: Current Performance Guarantees Past Performance. Archaeoastronomy can be applied to all cultures and all time periods. The modern cult of Archaeoastronomy is not a … Continue reading

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Black Earth: Dark Earth

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Dark Earth is an extraordinary substance that provokes an allergic reaction in Earth Scientists which results in coughing, fidgeting and incoherent mumbling. The potency of Dark Earth varies depending upon the specific mix unearthed at a site. The material is … Continue reading

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The Wroxeter Chronicles: Broken Red Sandstone

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Wroxeter Roman fortress declined rapidly after the late 60s AD. The decline was partly exacerbated by the posting of Legion XIV to France [68 AD] and/or the return to Rome of some units from Legion XX [69 AD]. See: reading

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