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The Marne Money Manufactory

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This paper was read before the Numismatic Society on 22nd November 1838.

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Alaskan Muck: Layer Cake

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For Frank Hibben code breaking was a piece of cake.

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Alaskan Muck: Body of Evidence

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It’s generally agreed frozen muck is “interesting”.

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Alaskan Muck: The Missing Trees

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When academics have a really big problem they break it down into smaller parts because smaller fragments are easier to sweep under the carpet and push down the back of the sofa.

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R for Rome

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The layers of debris and dirt that smothered Ancient Rome have a tale to tell. Whether that tale agrees with the official narrative is another story altogether.

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The Cock-Up of the 3rd Century

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Getting to grips with a reconciliation error is usually a laborious exercise that involves critically examining the data, identifying errors and [very occasionally] discovering malfeasance. However, reconciling a 60 Year Discrepancy in Roman history is another story altogether. 60 Year … Continue reading

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The Atomic Comet: The Feathered Serpent

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The concept of cometary Cyanogen entering the Earth’s atmosphere is doubly dangerous because it’s a highly toxic gas that produces the “second-hottest-known natural flame”. Cyanogen produces the second-hottest-known natural flame (after carbon subnitride) with a temperature of over 4,525 °C … Continue reading

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Mosaico de los Amores

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The Mosaico de los Amores positively confirms A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever. However, historians aren’t always overjoyed when A Thing of Beauty is unearthed. Once upon a time Cástulo was a prospering city associated with lead and … Continue reading

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The London Levels

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During the 20th century Milking Parlours were transmogrified into industrialised units churning out Sanitised Milk [with added antibiotics] that is filtered, pasteurised, homogenised and repackaged into convenient cartons for easy consumption. Similarly, the 20th century saw the Hallowed Halls of … Continue reading

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Dark Earth: Billingsgate Bath House

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The Dark Earth covering Roman London has a split personality. On the one hand: The human occupation of many areas of Roman London appears to have come to an end in about 130 AD with the remains being covered in … Continue reading

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Dating the Dark Earth: The Devil’s Kneading Trough

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One of the more celebrated Dark Earth sites subjected to the sophisticated Settled Science of radiocarbon dating is the very aptly named Devil’s Kneading Trough in Kent. Along the chalk downs in southern England there are a number of short, … Continue reading

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Dating the Dark Earth: The Cheapside Valentinian

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The countryside around Pitstone [Buckinghamshire] is generally described as “chalk grassland”. Pitstone Hill is a 22.9 hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Importance east of Pitstone in Buckinghamshire… The site is chalk grassland on a steeply sloping hill, with … Continue reading

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Dating the Dark Earth: A Tale of Two Techniques

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Academic evaluations over the last sixty years have slowly cracked the cypher of an embarrassing enigma that has enfeebled and incapacitated many Earth Scientists. Undaunted by the dangers a relay of dedicated professions have persistently pursued and diligently documented a … Continue reading

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The Red Score: Tin Talks

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The history of Iceland has a Discredited Documents and Anomalous Artefacts problem. That Nordic island was not colonized by Europeans before the 9th c., and, yet, it has Roman coins covered by dark earth: The coin of Probus [conventionally 276-282; … Continue reading

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The Wroxeter Chronicles: A British Pompeii

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There are several “curious” similarities between Pompeii and Viroconium [aka Uriconium]. Pompeii was an ancient Roman town-city near modern Naples, in the Campania region of Italy, in the territory of the comune of Pompei. Pompeii, along with Herculaneum and many … Continue reading

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Black Earth: Chernozem

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Mainstream Earth Scientists are befuddled by Black Earth and happily spread their confusion around [by the bucketful] when they conflate different varieties of Black Earth. For example: When Wikipedia is waffling about the layer of Dark Earth covering the ruins … Continue reading

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Black Earth: Dark Earth

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Dark Earth is an extraordinary substance that provokes an allergic reaction in Earth Scientists which results in coughing, fidgeting and incoherent mumbling. The potency of Dark Earth varies depending upon the specific mix unearthed at a site. The material is … Continue reading

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Philip Callahan: Paramagnetism

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Philip Callahan is [amongst many other things] a famous entomologist. Prof Philip S. Callahan is the greatest scientist of the late twentieth century. …. He got his Ph.D. at Kansas State in entomology (study of insects). He wrote that his … Continue reading

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Trembling Stargazers

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Far, far away in the Land of Astronomy an epic conflict rages between the forces of enlightenment and the forces of slavish obedience. Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise centered on a film series created by George … Continue reading

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Greenland: Heinsohn’s Phantom Years

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Mainstream historical narratives for 1st millennium Europe are usually based upon some form of splicing and dicing that, somehow, manages to fabricate a 1,000 years worth of history based upon only [about] 300 years worth of archaeological or dendrochronological evidence. … Continue reading

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Friends, Romans, Countrymen…

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Gunnar Heinsohn really rattled the cage of the gentlefolk who inhabit the world of Settled History when he observed that the history of the 1st millennium is only supported by 300 years worth of archaeology. Interestingly, the invention of 700 … Continue reading

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History: Stretching the Truth

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Anyone who has read the hugely entertaining [and very informative] The History of Britain Revealed: The Shocking Truth About the English Language by M. J. Harper will appreciate that academia has been extremely economical with the truth when it comes … Continue reading

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