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Torturing Test Data

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The Pareto Principle is bad news if you’re stretching the truth.

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Ptolemy’s Paradigm

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Ptolemy’s Paradigm provides pesky problems with simple solutions.

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Vitamin D3

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When the medical establishment dropped sunlight down the memory hole in 2020 they didn’t think it would return to bite them on the bum in the form of Vitamin D3.

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Unintended Consequences: ADE

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Modern Medicine routinely encounters Unintended Consequences.

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Sanity 4 Sweden: Era of the Idiots

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In a hundred years from now people will laugh.

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Reinette Senum Reaches Out

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Reinette Senum wants to extend her reach to a broader audience.

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The Alligator’s Long March

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The Alligator’s Long March is a remarkably silly short story that’s sold to students by people who should know better.

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