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The Flowering of Celestial Mechanics

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Johannes Kepler was the first person to successfully model planetary orbits to a high degree of accuracy and his First Law of Planetary Motion [published in 1609] is deeply embedded in modern celestial mechanics. The orbit of every planet is … Continue reading

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Running Hot and Cold Extraterrestrial Water

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One of the stranger mainstream obsessions is that the water found on Earth is of an extraterrestrial origin and this extraterrestrial water was brought to Earth by comets, asteroids and meteors. Water that was brought here by comets and asteroids … Continue reading

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Wheels within Wheels – Vortex within Vortex

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The Scientific Method simply requires letting “reality speak for itself”. The chief characteristic which distinguishes a scientific method of inquiry from other methods of acquiring knowledge is that scientists seek to let reality speak for itself, supporting a theory when … Continue reading

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Newtonian Reality Check

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Sir Isaac Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation [first published in 1687] has become deeply embedded within mainstream science and is currently accepted as an unquestionable article of scientific faith. The unquestioning belief in Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation is … Continue reading

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Inventions and Deceptions – Hammer and Feather Experiment

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Commander David Scott performed the “hammer and feather experiment” on the Moon during the Apollo 15 mission in 1971. The objective of the “hammer and feather experiment” is to demonstrate “that all objects in a given gravity field fall at … Continue reading

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Inventions and Deceptions – Gravitational Mass Attraction

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The fundamental basis of mainstream Gravitational Theory is that physical bodies generate an attractive “force proportional to their masses”. Gravitation, or gravity, is the natural phenomenon by which physical bodies appear to attract each other with a force proportional to … Continue reading

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