Close Encounters of the Cometary Kind

Researchers trawling through the dusty corners of the Academic Archives primarily have to rely upon serendipity to provide them with break-through information.

However, when serendipity strikes the results can be startling.

Such was the case a few weeks ago when the Glen Turret Fan chronology neatly slid into place between the Arabian Horizon and the Heinsohn Horizon in the Old Japanese Cedar Tree chronology.

The Glen Turret Fan in upper Glen Roy contains 276 annual sedimentary layers that are coincidentally close to the 277 years between the Arabian Horizon of 637 CE and the Heinsohn Horizon of 914 CE i.e. the Heinsohn Sandwich.

The unexplained arrival of the Sand Bed in the Glen Turret Fan [upper Glen Roy] in 759 CE coincidentally echoes:

a) the unexplained Smothering of Samarra in sand
b) the unexplained Covering of Cologne in sand
c) the unexplained Clear Black Horizons in sand across Southern England and Scotland
d) the unexplained Sandy Sludge Layers in the Greenland Ice Cores…


And then serendipity struck again in form of Comet Halley.

Comet Halley has several remarkable aspects.

Firstly, Comet Halley has a variable orbital period of [around] 76.5 ± 2.5 years.

Halley’s orbital period over the last 3 centuries has been between 75–76 years, although it has varied between 74–79 years since 240 BC.’s_Comet

The Long-Term Motion of Comet Halley – Donald K. Yeomans and Tao KiangMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society – Vol 197 – Nov 1981

Secondly, Earthly encounters with Comet Halley are especially dangerous because it’s relative velocity is in the region of 254,016 kilometres per hour.

Due to the retrograde orbit, it has one of the highest velocities relative to the Earth of any object in the Solar System.

The 1910 passage was at a relative velocity of 70.56 km/s (157,838 mph or 254,016 km/h).’s_Comet

Thirdly, the orbit of Comet Halley “comes close to Earth’s in two places”.

The perihelion, the point in the comet’s orbit when it is nearest the Sun, is just 0.6 AU.

This is between the orbits of Mercury and Venus.

Its aphelion, or farthest distance from the Sun, is 35 AU (roughly the distance of Pluto)
Because its orbit comes close to Earth’s in two places, Halley is associated with two meteor showers: the Eta Aquariids in early May, and the Orionids in late October.’s_Comet

Tracking the orbital history of Comet Halley back in time is not a precise science.

This is partly because “scientific investigation” only began in the 16th century.

Halley’s periodic returns have been subject to scientific investigation since the 16th century.

The three apparitions from 1531 to 1682 were noted by Edmond Halley, enabling him to predict its 1759 return.’s_Comet

And partly because the historical records become increasingly subject to interpretation because the observational data may not specifically relate to Comet Halley and/or the observational dates may be incorrectly identified/aligned with the current era.


However, hind-casting Comet Halley back to 607 CE appears very possible and very catastrophic.

The History of Comet Halley – D K Yeomans, J Rahe and R S Freitag Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Vol 80 – April 1986

In this wonderful example of the Mainstream Mindset it appears that for 4,000 years there was “a widespread and long-lasting tradition” of deliberately burning down entire settlements every 75-80 years in Southeastern and Eastern Europe.

Apparently, this rare psychological affliction Burned House Syndrome was invented when archaeologists encountered the Burned House Horizon.


The 607 CE Earthly encounter with Comet Halley appears to have triggered the catastrophic plunge in temperatures that only began to recover after the Arabian Horizon in 637 CE.

The 760 CE Earthly encounter with Comet Halley appears to be associated with the catastrophic deposition of sand and gravel.

And the 912 CE Earthly encounter with Comet Halley appears to be closely associated with the catastrophic Heinsohn Horizon in 914 CE.

Therefore, the Earthly encounters with Comet Halley provides another historical perspective upon the alignment of the Roman Time Line

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31 Responses to Close Encounters of the Cometary Kind

  1. rishrac says:

    Are you thinking, I’m sure you must be, that the sand and gravel came from the comet. I have thought ice ages might have occured from a periodic dust cloud between the sun and earth for a prolonged period of time. Further, for an animal as big as a mastodon to freeze solid while eating, would have had something that would have been much colder than anything on earth. Like a gas cloud from space that would be super cooled. .. you didn’t say, but could that be related to the black earth ?

  2. malagabay says:

    That’s very much my line of thinking.

    The big three encounters appear to have different characteristics:
    1) The temperature plunge after 607 CE is very suggestive of an serious impact + nuclear winter
    2) The sand and gravel around 760 CE is suggestive of a cometary “dust” tail encounter.
    3) The orbital path for 912 CE suggests a cometary “dust” tail encounter plus a “full on” plasma tail encounter when Comet Halley was close to perihelion.

    So my guess is that the “dark earth” and vitrification happened around 912/914 CE.
    The freezing of the big animals is harder to pin down… but the 912 CE event is a good candidate – especially if the remains are found only covered in only ice.

    Overall, it’s still a “work in progress” – but [from my perspective] progress is being made.

  3. Where did the cometary debris originally come from? Based on what observations?

  4. malagabay says:

    Hi Louis,
    I’ve haven’t found a “return address” attached to anything yet… so I prefer to say that an event “appears to be associated”… so until I find those “return address” labels I can only guess the 760 CE sand and gravel [for example] came from the “dust” tail associated with Comet Halley [see image above]. A stronger [but not definitive] case can be made for the “dark earth” and vitrification being associated with the plasma tail of Comet Halley around 912 CE… but [as with all things] correlation is not proof of causation.

    That’s my perspective/guesses based upon what I’ve seen so far.

    They might be right or they might be wrong.

    Either way: Everyone is in the same boat until we find those pesky “return address” labels.


  5. Tim,

    If a comet entered into the Earth’s plasma sphere then it will cause an enormous electrical short circuit with abundant rainbow serpents occurring which would create the dust, sand and gravel from electromachining of the Earth’s surface. Aboriginals I had to deal with in 2012/2013 at Borroloola, Northern Territory, told me that the creeks and river channels were made by the rainbow serpent.

    Given the presence of abiotic oil, I would further guess that the raining of bitumen etc as described bye Velikovsky, would probably have erupted from the Earth’s interior during a Martian or Venusian encounter, with some volumetric increase in the Earth’s size.

    Comet debris – problem is any cometary dust seems to be generated from electrical effects but no one has observed a comet trailing a gravel tail etc.

    The problem in trying to explain this is because many of us still think in terms of dynamic Newtonian billiard balls in vacuo.

    Strangely the aboriginals don’t have any stories about raining gravel etc. Or they do and I have not come across any accounts in their myths.

  6. malagabay says:

    There seems to be a lot more to cometary debris than just “electromachining”.

    Comets are in some cases known to have disintegrated during their perihelion passage, or at other points during their orbit. The best-known example is Biela’s Comet, which was observed to split into two components before disappearing after its 1852 apparition. In modern times 73P/Schwassmann–Wachmann has been observed in the process of breaking up.

    This video follows Fragment B of Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 over the course of three days in April 2006. Hubble made three exposures with the Advanced Camera for Surveys that have here been combined to a seamless video with the help of an advanced morphing technique.

    An amazing hierarchical destruction process is taking place in this comet, in which fragments are continuing to break into smaller chunks, which are trailing behind the main fragment.

  7. Cometary breakup is actually electro-machining though what impels these objects along their extreme orbits remains a mystery. The standard answer is ‘gravity’ but that’s not adding any clarity to the problem; big G may as well be synonymous with God, another big G.

  8. thx1138 says:

    The degree of random movement of particles directly equates to temperature.

    The instant freezing of an animal in the middle of eating could be caused by electrical dethermalization or electrical cooling caused by the reduction of random Brownian movement in the air.

    Here’s an explanation of how it works which I copied from the Thunderbolts forum.

    “The local magnetic field of the plasma requires more energy from charged particles in motion to move transversely across the lines of magnetic potential than parallel to them. A force is applied to such particles (ions and electrons) to turn them away from their traversing the (imaginary) magnetic field lines and to continue to accelerate them parallel with the field lines. This velocity vector acceleration increases the magnetic field strength, which in turn is able to provide a higher resistance to particles’ transverse velocity components. The more parallel they move, the fewer the number of collisions per unit time, and less energy involved in the few glancing, near-parallel collisions. This is dethermalization. Random or Brownian motion gets suppressed or minimized by the steering electromagnetic fields which “parallelize” their flow. The bulb of the ol’ solar thermometer (moving with the flow) is not hit as often nor as hard, while the particles themselves stream faster and faster (have more kinetic energy in eV) along the field lines’ direction.”

    An electromagnetic field of this magnitude could be caused by a close encounter with a large celestial object such as the comet Venus.

  9. Nothing is as simple as we initially assume.

  10. malagabay says:

    The planetary alignments for 912 suggest Venus may have been involved…


  11. malagabay says:

    Venus was probably also involved in 607 CE…

  12. malagabay says:

    The Transit of Venus in 912 CE also suggests 912 CE was a very powerful alignment and that a Halley-Venus-Earth alignment could have emulated the conditions associated with Immanuel Velikovsky’s “Comet Venus”….

                      Transit Contact Times (UT)
                                             Minimum Sun   Sun           
    Date          I    II Greatest III   IV    Sep.  RA    Dec   GST   
                 h:m   h:m   h:m   h:m   h:m    "    h      °     h
    0912 May 21 05:13 05:28 09:11 12:53 13:08 222.1 3.190 18.11 15.337

    Transits of Venus – Six Millennium Catalog: 2000 BCE to 4000 CE – Fred Espenak
    NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland 20771 USA

    See: Tim Cullen: The Secret Astronomer’s Other Ball

  13. Olga says:

    So … inquiring minds would like to know when the next alignment similar to 607, 760 or 912 occurs?

  14. Adding to the confusion I wonder if Mars Venus and etc were in the orbits they are now back then? If comet(s) threatened the Earth, do we focus on Halley’s because Mars and Venus could not possibly have been a contributory factor in their present orbits. The Greeks and Romans were planet worshipers, and that world-view seemed to end with the 1st millennium disruption(s) and the appearance of Islam, Christianity and whatever other religions elsewhere.

  15. malagabay says:

    July 2061 is similar to the alignment of 912 but without Venus.

    On July 28, 2061 Comet Halley will be at perihelion (closest to Sun) and will shine brighter than magnitude zero, perhaps as bright as magnitude –1.

    Next day, on July 29, Comet Halley will pass closest to Earth.

    Although Halley in 2061 will get no closer than 0.48 a.u., compared to 0.42 a.u. from Earth during the comet’s previous approach on April 10, 1986, the 2061 apparition will be more impressive.

    Why we include a preview of Halley’s next apparition after our current comet show, Comets and Discovery
    Robert Victor – Abrams Planetarium – Michigan State University

    Click to access CaseForCometHalley2061.pdf

  16. malagabay says:

    607 CE appears to have been a close Earth encounter that Yeomans, Rahe and Freitag calculated to have been at [about] 0.09 AU with 837 CE being even closer at 0.04 AU.

    So it’s possible some orbital parameters were different before [say] 607 CE.

    The Irish Oak Chronology [for example] suggests the Earth’s orbit stabilised at about that time.


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