International Pandemic Treaty

In 2015 Stanley Johnson wrote a thriller about the rise of a mysterious virus and one man’s fight to stop a deadly pandemic. Read on to discover whether that one man could be Boris Johnson in 2022.

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  1. malagabay says:

    Alex Christoforou – 21 May 2022

    The first story of course has to deal with the monkeypox and I guess I can still say that word on social media. But if things continue to move as they’re signaling, well, I imagine in about a month you’re not going to be allowed to say the word monkeypox, going forward, unless you’ve been approved by the algorithms and the Globalist WHO. So we gotta keep focused on this thing because the media is starting to ramp up the talk that this is spreading.

    I mean you could start to hear the same narratives that were being pushed out when the coup started up. You know, six cases here, ten cases there. Anyway, I’m just saying that it’s following eerily similar to how things progressed with the couf.

  2. Patrick Donnelly says:


    Bit of a bummer alright.

    Luckily, intelligent people, that’s the eugenics bit, know to use antivirals and to dampen the immune system. Killing people preserves property… Hence the neutron ‘devices’, that kill animals and not investments…. as in Beirut. Except there was a lot of loss of property.

    I’m hoping they will stop once they have emtied the banks …. what do you think will stop them?

  3. malagabay says:

    “what do you think will stop them?”


  4. malagabay says:

    The “West African” monkeypox clade (clade = variant) circulating outside of Africa at this time causes a milder disease compared to the closely related virus found found in other regions of Africa (Congo clade).

    The symptoms of monkeypox are somewhat similar to, but much milder than smallpox disease.

    The general clinical presentation of the disease caused by the West African monkey pox clade virus involves Influenza-like symptoms — fever, body aches, chills — together with swollen lymph nodes.

    A rash on the palm of the hand is often observed.

    In the latter stage of the disease, which may last for up to a month or more in some cases, may involve small lesions which develop a crust, and which can result in a small depigmented scar.

    There is no evidence of asymptomatic transmission.

    In other words, current medical knowledge indicates that it is only spread by person to person contact between an uninfected individual and someone who already has symptoms of the disease.

    Therefore, disease spread can be readily controlled by classical public health interventions such as contact tracing, temporary quarantine of those who have had physical contact with someone who is infected, and longer term quarantine of those who develop symptoms.

    Essentially all of the current cases in the west which we are seeing in the news are among men who have sex with men, and appear to be due to close physical contact.

    Monkey Pox – Truth versus Fearporn
    Robert W Malone MD, MS – 21 May 2022

  5. malagabay says:

    Here We Go Again….
    WHO Convenes Emergency Monkeypox Meeting

    We Got A Problem – 28 May 2022

    Well guys, we might as well quickly deal with the old monkeypox news the media are trying to scare the sheeple with now that Putin has eradicated bat flu from the news cycle – as you might have noticed over the past couple of months.

    Yes we have various reports going around about cases here, there, and everywhere.

    But what’s often left out is the fact that it’s hard to catch and outbreaks have been reported before.

    Oh and while they’re running around calling it a deadly virus also makes no sense to me because the NHS states people get better within weeks of infection.

    In fact, the NHS website does not report a single death from any of the previous cases so this is obviously pure media scaremongering plain and simple

    Now, yes I expect most of you knew that already but it is still worth pointing out for those out there who don’t.

    In fact, it’s also worth pointing that expert virologist Bill Gates warned of a dangerous pox outbreak seven months ago.

    That naturally has some eyebrows raised with these reports we’ve got here now.

    Of course I’m sure Bill Gates is better at stopping virulent pathogens than he is at stopping viruses infecting his computer software.

    So have faith in our lord and scientific saviour Mr Gates guys.

    But you know what, all jokes aside, apparently monkeypox was first discovered in 1958 when outbreaks occurred in research monkeys.

    Which sounds like they made it to me.

    But the first human cases was actually recorded in 1970 with continuing infections mainly in Central and West Africa.

    But there was actually an outbreak in the US 19 years ago proving, like i said, it’s not some new or dangerously deadly thing as the media reports would have you believe.

    And, in fact, here you can actually see the UK government’s own list of outbreaks.

    None of which talk about death.

    So the media calling this a deadly disease looks like fake news to me, I’ve got a say.

    But, then again, with Global Pandemic Treaties being planned we must actually keep on top of these scaremongering stories by the media because we see what happened after the sheep got scared in 2020.

    Once this treaty is in place it will be something like this used to give the WHO an excuse to start controlling what countries do as the treaty itself will give them the power to dictate health policies in up to 194 countries, including this one if we sign up to it.

    It literally cedes sovereign power to them to deal with a pandemic.

    So future lockdowns, and shit, could well come from the WHO and not the asses of parliament.

    It’s a One World Government in all but name, if you ask me, and anyone else who’s actually looked into it.

    This is why we must always debunk the media fear porn which, I’ve gotta say, monkeypox sounds like to me, well, unless they’ve been messing around with it in a lab.


  6. malagabay says:

    The Who
    Won’t Get Fooled Again
    Live at Kilburn 1977

  7. Patrick Donnelly says:

    Who wants to dismantle the WHO?
    Who takes their modelling to use as a guide to spread disease?
    How is this not biowarfare and why is no one investigating?

  8. malagabay says:

    CV19 Vax Causing Extreme Disease – Dr Betsy Eads
    Greg Hunter’s – 21 May 2022

    + + + + + + + + + + +

    The DOD is also seeing exploding illness in the military population that started after our service men and women were coerced to be injected.

    Dr. Eads says,

    “Let me read you the latest Department of Defense numbers, and these just came out: “Myocarditis is up 2,800%, cancer is up 900%, infertility both genders is up 500%, miscarriage is up 300%, neurological disorders are up over 1,000%, demyelinating disorders are up over 1,000%, Multiple Sclerosis is up 600%, Guillain-Barré, which is a progressive paralysis, that’s up 500%, HIV is up 500%, pulmonary embolism, which are blood clots in the lungs, are up over 400%. Those are the equivalent of the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) for the Department of Defense.”

    USAWatchdog: Full show notes and comments

    + + + + + + + + + + +

  9. malagabay says:

    CV19 Virus – Vax About Control Not Health
    Dr Michael Yeadon
    Greg Hunter’s Published May 24, 2022

    Dr. Michael Yeadon was a chief scientist in drug discovery research and also a VP at Pfizer for 20 years.

    He has been sounding the alarm about the Covid “lies” being told and warning the so-called vaccines for CV19 are “neither safe or effective.”

    Yeadon contends the entire Covid plandemic is just a piece of the puzzle in a much wider plan by “evil” globalists.

    Yeadon contends,

    “Governments all around the world have lied to their people in the same set of absurd ways simultaneously. So, it’s not a mistake. It’s not copycat because it’s so obviously stupid that if a neighboring country did it and you weren’t in on it, you would say I don’t want to do that, it’s literally absurd, and yet every country except Sweden did it. … Pretty much all the countries of the world did the same absurd things at the same time. The reason why I have said this repeatedly is you will not get stronger evidence of ‘Super-National’ evidence behind the scenes. There ain’t no way this happens by telepathy … They must have agreed to do this.”

    Full show notes and comments:

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